Page above 1 gives abbreviations. There are two types of plurals in Arabic. Arabic Grammar Rules In Urdu. 101 Rules, Some free material on Arabic Grammar, Arabic Verb Conjugator, Lisan ul Arab Blog, Attempted application of grammar rules (Only for experienced users. Aasan Arabi Grammar Pdf Urdu book is authored by Mr. Lutf-Ur-Rahman who is a well known Islamic scholar and master of Arabic Grammar. Write something about yourself. Arabic Grammar Rules In Urdu. Aasan Arabi Grammar Urdu book is contained on 4 parts but I have combined all parts/volume into 1 Pdf file. How many times has it been seen that without knowing the rules of Arabic grammar, many errors in the understanding of the meaning of a verse of the Qur`an take form. Author. 0 Comments Leave a Reply. His method of teaching is truly unique and effective, bestowing the gift of Arabic to many fortunate students with ease. Read following pages only : in reverse 247 to 219, on which gramatical analysis is attempted in pages 1 to 77. Aamir Sohail: He is another brilliant student of Dr. Abdus Sami as Br. Learn Arabic Grammar in Urdu - اردو زبان میں عربی گرائمر سیکھۓ - Lesson 11. c A yWif L&T7 ifOu-ft \ ^ **(t: Jjj,(1 I jSSJ 5840009-