The American beech can live for three hundred to four hundred years and can reach heights of eighty feet and diameters in excess of … Either that or Google Images is throwing up the wrong pictures for the search terms I'm using.. Beech Tree Wood. Beech wood from The Chilterns was used as firewood for London, then when coal replaced it, for furniture. Beech Tree Nuts The 5 beech tree species in New Zealand are all broadleaf, evergreen trees. Unlike most other hardwood trees, the American beech retains this smooth bark throughout its "mature" years. Leaves typically hang on well into the winter months adding to the seasonal interest. The smooth bark of the Beech Tree is a favorite spot for lovers to carve their initials. The massive trunk has beautiful silver gray bark; the dark green summer foliage turns a golden bronze in the fall. The beech tree is a sturdy and imposing tree with a short trunk and wide-spreading crown. They are the dominant forest type in most of the south island and in parts of the north island. These are known as ‘mast’ years where ‘mast’ is an old word for ‘fruit of the forest’. Beech tree's wood is also used for flooring, furniture, veneer as it takes a finish well and is structurally strong. In some years there is a huge crop of oil-rich beech nuts. Here the beech trees are known to be 300 to 400 years old. In former times pigs were fattened up on beech nuts and acorns prior to going to market. Beech scale insects live in all species except the silver beech. The 5 species of beech trees are similar, but tend to grow in different habitats. Beech can reach from 15 to 50 meters (50 to 164 feet) in height, depending on the species. Elm Or Beech Tree Identification Looking at Elm and Beech (UK and American Beech) tree leaf images online, it's clear to see that they are fairly difficult to tell apart. American beech is a large, graceful native tree, excellent for large, park-like landscapes where it has room to spread its wide, low-growing branches. It has a lifespan of 150 to 400 years, depending on the species. So I'll post the pictures here and see if any experts come along and give me the correct answer. Some grow better in colder, wetter, or drier areas. The bark is generally smooth and light grey in color. Beech (Fagus) is a genus of deciduous trees in the family Fagaceae, native to temperate Europe, Asia, and North America.Recent classifications recognize 10 to 13 species in two distinct subgenera, Engleriana and Fagus.The Engleriana subgenus is found only in East Asia, distinctive for their low branches, often made up of several major trunks with yellowish bark. Beech tree wood is excellent hardwood great for column posts, lath turnings, house finishing trim and for steam bending. It is a large tree and can grow to 40m. American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) The American beech is easily recognized even in dense, complex forests by its thin, smooth, light gray bark. Beech Tree Trivia Facts.