Our upgrade pick was the only device that never had this issue in our testing. It’s also well-built, and, like our top picks, it has digital-audio output for use with an external DAC. If your favorite home audio system lacks Bluetooth, you don’t have to invest in an entirely new setup just to enjoy streamed audio from your computer or mobile device. Wirecutter is reader-supported. A few years ago, Apple switched from that 30-pin connector to the smaller, reversible Lightning connector and, coincidently or not, most makers of compact and portable speakers shifted to Bluetooth for connectivity. But, due to devices like the AUKEY BT receiver, you don’t have to dig deep into your budget and replace all your old devices! In practice, we couldn’t always tell which receivers supported codecs beyond aptX and SBC, because few manufacturers provide this information. The TaoTronics Bluetooth transmitter and receiver is perfect for upgrading your home to the modern era! However, the three models that include it all have big drawbacks in other areas, and the feature itself often didn’t work as expected. This BT receiver supports Bluetooth v.4.1, NFC, built-in microphone, and comes equipped with one 150mAh battery that will last for up to 10h of playtime and 180h in standby. It works with stereo speakers, headphones, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and so on. Be ready to spend almost $190 but for this money you will get premium options offered only by this receiver. These cookies do not store any personal information. A Bluetooth audio receiver is an easy, affordable add-on, and we think the StarTech BT2A is the best choice for most people—thanks to its combination of connectivity, range, audio quality, and usability. Music without wires is possible and Bluetooth receivers can help you experience it. (One particularly ambitious model, the Motorola Moto Stream, handled simultaneous connections from the MacBook, the iPhone, two iPads, and a Windows tablet.). Ultimately, this is a minor annoyance that doesn’t outweigh our pick’s many positives. If your heart starts beating faster with the announce of a new camera, graphics card or game, then you are at the right place. TVs are made for great pictures, so we recommend the best ways to get great sound too. I conducted this test first obstructed by my body (which significantly reduces range), and then unobstructed. Due to dual pairing (two devices connected simultaneously), users can share the experience with a loved one. Our biggest complaint about the StarTech BT2A is that it doesn’t support multiple active connections: If you’re listening to music from your phone and want to switch to playing music from your tablet, you have to break the active Bluetooth connection with the phone (for example, by disabling Bluetooth on the phone), and then connect the tablet. The Grace Digital 3Play supports three simultaneously connected devices, but our top pick sounds significantly better. Thank you for letting us know. But as long as audio continues playing, this won’t happen again. It has around 30ft range and lets you wirelessly stream music (and other audio content) from your phone to other devices. Please fix. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. If you have an old iPhone or iPod speaker dock—one that uses Apple’s 30-pin dock connector—just sitting in a closet, the Samson 30-Pin Bluetooth Receiver BT30 makes it easy to add Bluetooth functionality: You just attach the BT30 to that dock connector, which provides the BT30 with power. This information is crucial. I’ve been obsessing over audio gear for 14 years, going through more headphones, speakers, and audio components than I care to admit. However, getting the 3Play to pair and connect to source devices was sometimes hit or miss, and its range was also the worst of the devices in this category, with dropouts occurring at the edge of my living room, about 20 feet from the receiver. Also, the aptX HD codec preserves audio quality, so there is no difference between BT and wired audio quality. One feature we didn’t give much weight to was NFC circuitry for pairing. What is more, Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter allows automatic re-pairing. The result is that we often had to evaluate audio quality without knowing which codec was being used. (When I connected the BT30 to my home stereo, the BT30’s sound quality couldn’t match that of our top pick. If you directly compare the BT2A with a wired connection, you may hear a difference in sound quality, particularly with source devices that don’t support aptX, but we think most listeners—especially those listening through computer speakers, soundbars, and other less than high-end systems—won’t notice. Still, except for being so affordable Etekcity Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 has some features which will also make you just love it. Pairing is the initial configuration process that associates two devices (in this case, your smartphone, tablet, or computer and a Bluetooth receiver) so that they can communicate.