AKG’s C 451 microphone was one of the all-time great studio condenser microphones. When combined with a Schoeps capsule, the CMC 6 provides a flat, natural response with excellent... With a natural, smooth sound and the convenience of a slim body, the Audio-Technica AT5045 side-address condenser mic is... At Sweetwater, we have microphones to handle even the most specialized applications. Allocate Overhead Costs . And its finish of cabernet red with polished nickel trim is pretty sharp. Perhaps you’ve heard that small-diaphragm condenser microphoness work especially well for the acoustic guitar — and thanks to their superior transient response, they do. The mics were positioned 8.5″ from each guitar in groups of no more than four mics, aimed at the 14th fret, and patched directly to the Class A Daking Mic Pre IV. All the audio examples below have no EQ or compression added, aside from anything that may have been used on the way in. I'm also looking at a bluebird. This means you get a fantastic cardioid polar pattern with a great transient response with extremely low self-noise to provide world-class recording at all times. The sE8 includes a mic clip and a pop filter. All mic cables were the same brand and were uniform in length. The team at Aston Mics worked with over 50 top producers, conducting double-blind listening tests with hundreds of capsules, whittling down the list meticulously, and deciding on the 20mm cardioid capsule used in the Aston Starlight pencil microphone. That’s why Lynn took all these mics into the studio so you can hear them for yourself. Tags: best; microphones; overheads; Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Crankitup Guest. This means those awkward recording angles are easily taken care of. The SDC handles hot ground very well, so check out some of the exposed wash areas at Crawford. The frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz and superior sensitivity make it a fantastic choice for recording enthusiasts who want the best out of their recordings. The Aston Starlight Pencil Microphone is available individually or as a pair with Rycote Shockmount and Suspension Kit. This pencil style microphone 1/2" diaphragm makes our best small diaphragm condenser microphones list thanks to the superb construction, superior sound quality and of course – it’s a budget-friendly price tag that allows you to get studio quality recordings at a fraction of the cost. A 360 degree Mic Clip holder allows you to place your mic at virtually any angle. Getting the best small diaphragm condenser microphones for your home studio, professional set up or even live performances once would have cost the earth, as these microphones were once reserved for the consummate professionals out there, owing to the fact a decent SDC Mic would cost more than your car. Choose between Vintage, Modern and Hybrid settings to record your drums, guitars, vocals, or anything you like! We're looking at the 8 best microphones for recording vocals to help you get the best vocal sound when you're laying down your tracks! A great option for broadcasting, the AKG C391 B can also swap out any capsule within the Blue Line series too, should your recordings call for it. To learn more about Neumann microphones, visit our Nuemann Microphones Buying Guide. The AT4041 pair is by far the greatest sounding pair of overhead microphones on our list thus far. I have no idea what to get. But an SF-24 is wonderful, can't go wrong there. The reason this makes our best small diaphragm condenser microphones blog is the fact you not only get the pure sounds of the SE3 cardioid capsule as standard, but you can also install one of 2 interchangeable capsules - a Hypercardioid and an Omni in seconds. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! A highpass filter, switchable between 80Hz and 160Hz, plus 10dB and 20dB pads, increases the microphone’s impressive versatility. With over 28,000 articles and counting, inSync is your FREE resource for breaking news, reviews, demos, interviews, and more. Listen to these samples (preferably on high-quality monitors or headphones), and you’ll get a good idea of how they sound. Absolute polarity was confirmed using the Galaxy Audio Cricket polarity tester. Sweetwater carries a large selection of excellent acoustic guitar microphone candidates, but which one is right for you? Read on to learn about the best small-diaphragm condenser microphones for acoustic guitar. Perfect for those who are just starting out! Each sample includes both picking and strumming. I'm in need of some new mics. EDITOR’S NOTE: Before you fire off an email to us about how the 4033 microphone is NOT a small-diaphragm condenser mic — because it’s clearly a large side-address mic, and you can see the large diaphragm inside the head basket — know that you’re not alone in thinking that. The Rode M5 Condenser Microphones Matched Pair is an ideal choice for those on a budget. Though the original C 451 mic ended production many years... We know you've heard it before, but the Audio-Technica AT4033 can do it all. With its superior impulse response and diaphragm settling time, the Earthworks SR20 microphone offers a clear advantage when using today’s higher sampling rates for recording. The capsule’s innovative backplate design delivers a sublimely detailed, balanced sound and superior transient response. I have a set of THE SDC mics [#28] that I love, and come very, very close to that elusive KM 84 sound, but that company sadly went out of business over a decade ago. This means for every hour needed to make a product, you need to allocate $3.33 worth of overhead to that product. The AT4033/CL mic ships with the AT8449 shockmount, a case, and a protective microphone bag. We at Sweetwater even put it in our large-diaphragm category on our site to meet industry expectations. Better impulse response due to less moving mass, better off-axis response, less directional in the high frequencies and placement is a lot easier. It also includes a power supply, connecting cable, shockmount, pop filter, and mic storage box. $500/150 = $3.33. Lee Glynn. Here are 11 of the best podcast microphones to get the best vocal performance for your show. All three of the SDC have interchangeable caps so I tend to like things are can be useful for more than one area. Ok, we said 6, but we had to include the TOURTECH CM - 100 Pencil Condenser Microphone because it's one of our favorites here at PMT thanks to its incredibly accurate sound reproduction. You can actually apply a 100Hz bass cut to decrease the level of proximity effect with the sE5 and the -10dB or -20dB settings allow you to reduce the level output from the microphone to the connected preamp which makes it a great option for recording drums and very loud sound sources such as mic’d up guitar cabinets. We're going to be looking at the following small diaphragm condenser microphones, which we think are some o the best in the world: Small diaphragm condenser mics work better in pairs, allowing you to capture all the subtle nuances of your instrument or voice in beautiful, neutral detail, so we had to include the Aston Starlight Pencil Microphone. The Audio-Technica PRO 37 [Tape Op #47] is probably the best SDC ever made for under $200 but it’s not quite a KM 84. Get Directions | And it's been doing it for over 20 years. You will hear more clarity, detail and transparency than you have ever heard... AKG's C 451 was one of the all-time great studio condenser microphones. Right now I'm using an AT3035 and an AKGC1000 for overheads. Finally, we have the Rode NT5 Condenser Microphone which easily makes our best small diaphragm condenser microphones list thanks to its versatility, gold sputtered ½” capsule for superior sound response and the active J-FET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer. The matched pair package includes a precision stereo mounting bar and the entire setup comes packaged inside a secure flight case – ideal for travelling musicians sound engineers and studio owners.