8 of The Best Budget Ribbon Microphones; Bundle. When placed well you might not even need to record individual sounds. When it comes to bass drum recording this mic always receives rave reviews and is one of the highest-rated mics. This will allow you to mic and record the drum kit from numerous angles and positions. I'm looking for something to record my latest project with. Because of all of the sonic differences between all the elements of the kit—from your snare to toms, kick, and cymbals—mic'ing up your drum set requires a few different kinds of mics suited to each piece. Getting the absolute best sound from the room is pretty important so taking the time to move the drums around will give you different sounds to choose from. Are you searching for the best kick drum mic to record? As a candidate for the best microphone preamp for recording at home, it is going to be right at the top of the list. Using 2 condenser mics always produces a rich sound, especially if it’s 2 of the same microphone (a pair) recorded in stereo. ... but you get a box load of tricks for your money with this one. If you value a good kick sound on your drum set recordings and live situations, then you’ll love the Beta 91A. 1 Grace Design M101 Single-channel Microphone Preamplifier. Mic'ing an acoustic drum set is a big job—not exactly as straightforward as pointing a single mic at your guitar cab and hitting record. While the Sennheiser e90 is a single-purpose kick drum mic, it still offers great tweak-ability because of its diverse menu. Buying a drum microphone bundle is probably the most budget and the most efficient way to record drums. The three best locations for this rather important piece are as a room mike, a drummer’s perspective mike, and a front-of-kit mike. The front-of-kit (approximately 2′ back from the kick and 4′ up), meanwhile, is the punchiest. 1. In order to record drums it’s good to look for at least four inputs, but preferably 8, channel inputs. Buying all drum microphones separately is very expensive and time-consuming, for those who have a relatively tight budget can consider drum microphone bundle instead. Room or Overhead Mics. Let’s look at which mic is recommended for each drum sound. The best type of mic for recording the drum room is a condenser. The room position (a minimum of 10′ from the kit) has the most ambience and sounds farthest away. Placing the drum-kit is pretty important if you’re going to use a single microphone. The Drums. 13 Best Kick Drum Mics In 2020 For Recording (Budget & Quality Picks) Spread the love. Tune the drums. Top 5 Drum Mic Bundles I have eight Audio Technica mics for the drum kit and I'm really looking to record through a mixer into I currently own an Apple iMac running OS X Tiger, and the main program I use for recording is Apple's own Soundtrack. If you’re tight, you can get something like the Tascam US-4X4 for under $200 which will record four inputs at once. Our rating: ... especially recording drums. 5. I'm thinking of upgrading at some point to Logic Pro 8, but for the moment I'm with Soundtrack. The drum-kit will sound different depending on its placement in the room. The Beta 91A is rightly regarded as one of the best drum microphones by engineers all over the world.