The responsiveness to low frequencies makes it a great option for recording toms. It has a smooth and balanced bottom end. So, if you need a set of budget microphones for your toms, the Senheiser e 604 is a great option. Find useful lessons, tips and reviews for every instrument. If you aim it at the edges of the drumhead, you’ll emphasize the overtones. It works well as a drum overhead mic as well. Shure has a great reputation for producing high-quality mics that are great for drums. If this is your first time, or maybe you’ve been purchasing trashy microphones, this review will expose you to the best microphone for toms, both for live and studio recordings. This could be to make videos or to track drum parts. One of the best features is the clip-on function. If you’re new to drum recording, make sure to get some overhead microphones first. The e604s have clips which enable one to affix them directly to the rim of the drum. (Updated: August 31, 2020) The best microphone for recording tom-toms for most people is the Sennheiser e604. The one downside to this mic is that it costs about 3 times as much as the Shure SM57, a mic that it often gets compared to. For more about the Shure Mic, check out customer reviews. It’s very sturdy, meaning the mic won’t fall off once it’s tightened. It’s quite flat, yet incredibly transparent and natural with a subtle warm feel. Recording drums is a great skill that any drummer can benefit from. Get a few of these for your toms and you’ll be good to go. The ability to switch between so many polar patterns makes it widely versatile and able to pick up all kinds of tuning ranges. Some popular names are, AKG C414 XLII Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone, Beyerdynamic M 201 TG Hypercardioid Dynamic. Any set of mics from these companies would work well for drum setups. If you need a high-quality microphone, look no further than the AKG C414 XLII. The Audio-Technica AT4033 is a large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone that has been a main player in the mic game for decades. Audio-Technica AT4033/CL Large-diaphragm, 4. The Beyerdynamic M 201 TG is a low-profile hypercardioid dynamic microphone that is well-suited for recording snares and toms. You need a set of overheads and a kick mic. The shock mount is a bit tricky to use, but it’s an effective way of isolating the mic from the environment. It’s great for recording any instrument. So, the clip-on feature allows you to attach the mic to a tom in a fast and easy way. The Senheiser e 604 is specifically advertised for being a tom or snare mic. AKG C414 XLII Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone, 3. Drum tracking can be quite daunting. You’re going to need a set of microphones. Room mics aren’t essential when recording drums. However, they can be used for toms. Join our Newsletter for exlusive advice! That says a lot about its quality. For more about the Beyerdynamic  Mic, check out customer reviews. We’re here to give you a list of some of the best tom mic options. It stops the mic from picking up any bleed from around it, giving you versatility in placement options. They provide a lot of clarity and ambiance, providing the perfect amount of atmosphere from a room. The M201TG is one of the best tom mics because it captures lots of details and delivers a premium sound. 1. It should have a build quality that ensures it will last a long time. It also does a fantastic job of eliminating bleed from different sources around the kit. For more about the Sennheiser  Mic, check out customer reviews. Remember that you’re going to need a recording interface to go along with all of your drum mics. You can easily get a clean and deep tom sound that many people love. However, it will produce unrivaled sound quality. Too many mic stands will often get in the way when you’re recording a drum kit. From beginners to professionals there’s always something new to learn and improve. It works well as an overhead mic, giving you versatility in its uses. This mic produces a wonderful tone without any EQing to begin with. For more about the Audio Technica  Mic, check out customer reviews. Tom microphones will be the next step to achieving a clear and true drum sound. However, navigating which brands and models are best for picking up the boomy, low to mid-range sound of a tom drum is a tough task, made easier by our listing of the 4 top options for toms. If you’re picking a mic from the above list, the Shure KSM32’s work extraordinarily well as room mics. It’s a large-diaphragm condenser mic with 9 switchable polar patterns. This is the most affordable mic we’ve put on this list. Some popular names are Shure, AKG, Audix, Audio-Technica, Rode, Senheiser, and Neumann. Its low-mass diaphragm produces a high transient response and an extended low-frequency response. It has a clip-on design that makes it extremely easy to place anywhere on a drum, giving you many placement options and easy use. It's affordable, has universally great reviews from home recording enthusiasts and professionals alike. Recording is a skill that has to be developed, just like playing the drums. It has a bunch of pro features that make ensure quality use. The clarity of this mic makes editing, mixing, and mastering a seriously easy process. If you need a high-quality microphone, look no further than the AKG C414 XLII. It’s generally a good idea to place the mic the furthest position away from you on the floor tom. If you found this buying guide useful check my articles on hi hat mics and snare drum mics. Mic placement generally depends on what sound you want from the drums. Just remember to place the mic in a position that will keep it safe from any stray drum sticks or cymbals. There are several popular mic companies which each having their own strengths and weaknesses. Overall, the AT4033 is a great mid-range option for your toms. It also expresses great highs and lows. It has an 80Hz roll-off switch which greatly helps with eliminating self-noise.