Boer does make great mothers though like all goats they need extra TLC when pregnant. Reject all ewes with problem udders, teats that are either abnormally enlarged and multiple teats. The duration of the oestrous cycle was recorded as being 20.7±0.7 days, with the mean duration of the oestrous period being 37.4±8.6 h and the position of the LH peak (indicative of ovulation) being 8.0±1.5 h following the onset of oestrus. When it comes to Boer breed, this goat breed was developed in South Africa in the early 1900s for meat production. Mature does weigh 190-230 pounds, while bucks can weigh 200-340 pounds.They average about 2.5 feet tall at the withers. Assessment of the reproduction traits in the Boer goat doe demonstrates a mean body weight at puberty of between 30.6 and 27.5 kg, depending on the dietary energy level. Boer Goat Breeding Age: Does and Bucks The burden of producing quality offspring is typically in the Boer buck. Inject, or dose with, Vitamins A, D and E three weeks before the mating season. A rule of thumb dictates that young ewes should not be mated before reaching two thirds the flock’s average adult body mass. This is extremely important, especially during dry periods. if you are planning to set up the Boer goat farm they start without any hesitation. Type the date of the show*. Supplement zinc and manganese if a shortfall is present, it raises fertility. While some Boergoat producers prefer to have their rams (bucks) run with the ewes (does) all year round, it is good management practice to have specific breeding seasons. Controlled servicing: Try to do this in cool weather wherever possible. It is important, however, to consider various factors when planning the breeding cycle: In terms of management inputs, it significantly reduces the workload if all innoculations, vaccinations, ear tagging and other practices can be carried out simultaneously rather than having to handle lambs on an ongoing never-ending basis. Boer does reach sexual maturity at about 5 months of age.Unlike other goats, does are polyestrous, and can breed year-round. Keep ewes as calm as possible, providing protection against excessive heat; after insemination, stimulate with teaser rams or young rams on the other side of the fence. One infertile ewe has only a minimal impact on the reproduction index of a flock while an infertile ram has a major impact. It is very important to endeavor to mating the young ewes separately from the mature ewes. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Like all goats, Boer does carry their kids for about 150 days. Good grazing and pasture condition go hand in hand with animal production (lambing percentages and milk production). Inseminate at 48, 60, 72 hours. Does, on the other hand, gain a reputation for having easy pregnancies, kidding with little assistance, and whether they are attentive mothers. Male Boer goats are used for breeding and meat production and the female are for producing kids. This system works particularly well in cases where goats are penned at night. Supplement zinc if zinc levels are too low in pastures. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! Inoculate against enzootic abortion and pulpy kidney. The time of ovulation was recorded as occurring 36.8 h after the onset of oestrus, with a mean ovulation rate of 1.72±0.9 ovulations per doe. Artificial insemination: Insert sponge on day 1. Single mating: One ram per 50 ewes. To optimise the reproductive efficiency in the Boer goat doe, it is essential that its reproductive potential be known and exploited. ... Show Age Calculator. The Premier Source Of Boer Goat and Meat Goat Information. The aim of this review is to give insight into the reproduction potential of the Boer goat doe. The Boergoat ewe displays seasonal estrus with a peak in April/May (southern hemisphere autumn) and a trough from October to January (southern hemisphere midsummer). With high nutrition levels, ewes reach puberty at an age of six months. Involution of the Boer goat uterus is macroscopically complete by day 28 post-partum with the duration of the post-partum anoestrous period in the Boer goat being 55.5±24.9 days. Keep ewes in the same growing condition for the first month in order to prevent abortion of the fertilized ovum. ... Again, it has to do with age and size. Categories Goat Farming Tags Boer , Boer goat 6 Comments Post navigation Twin births and lambing percentages of 180 – 200% are common. Breeding Boer goats is generally no easier or harder than other breeds, Show Date (mm-dd-yyyy) Goat's ID or Name Birth Date (mm-dd-yyyy) Remove sponge on day 14 and inject 1/4 cc PMS on withdrawal during the active period of March – June or 1/2 cc PMS during July – February (Southern Hemisphere). Twin births and lambing percentages of 180 – 200% are common. Make sure ewes are not too fat one month before mating, so that a growing condition can be effected before mating. Home Forums > Goat discussion forums > Meat Market > Breeding Boer does (size, age) Discussion in ' Meat Market ' started by Tenacross , Sep 2, 2011 . Does also have different age requirements when it comes to breeding.. Like the bucks, the breed can determine when they are mature and can typically start breeding around 5 months old, but are recommended to wait till they are 75% of their mature weight till they are bred: Boer goats have a very high fertility rates compared to other goat breeds. Dose for round worm and nose worm, Ensure that rams are in a good condition and are free from any hoof problems. I breed in September and November. The meat of Boer goat is very tasty and nutritious. I’m sure you’re wondering why anybody would need to know how to breed a goat. Generally, the following practices have a direct or indirect impact on improved reproduction four to six weeks before mating: Mass mating: One ram per 35 – 40 ewes. Kids weaned during the natural breeding season (April/May) exhibit oestrus or puberty earlier than those weaned outside the natural breeding season. Make sure ewes are not too fat one month before mating, so that a growing condition can be effected before mating. Type the ID(s) and date(s) ... Show Age Calculator. Boer Goat Buck. I breed my does,full blood and percentage boers, to kid late january/early febuary. Keep ewes in approximately the same nutritional conditions as before insemination. A breeding cycle also ensures that the producer can present large groups of Boergoats for sale rather than smaller lots of animals. Goat breeding. The name “Boer” is derived from the Dutch word (Afrikaans) which means “farmer”. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. but reach puberty or a body weight of 32 kg as early as 3 to 4 months of age. Type the date of the show*. The Premier Source Of Boer Goat and Meat Goat Information. it is the best breed for commercial goat farming. Generally, the following practices have a direct or indirect impact on improved reproduction two to three months before mating: Before mating occurs The mean interval from partus to conception recorded, was 62.0±20.2 days. As long as the buck has good motility and is in good health he can continue breeding for as long as you want.