This also serves as a Decanter. The hydroelectric power plants may be classified according to:- A. This is done during the night when the consumption is low. Since for given output, large quantity of water is required, head being low, therefore pipes of large diameter and short length are required in low head plants. A tremendous amount of energy is stored in the earth in this process. The facility is placed where there is connectivity directly to the river or pond. The water from the dam is used for Agricultural Irrigation Facility. However, the consumption changes during the day and the night with the use of electricity. agencies related to hydropower. When the energy of the flowing water is used to run the turbines then the electricity generated is called the hydroelectric power. Uploader Agreement. Generally the mini, micro, and pico hydro come under the subcategory of small hydro plants. In this type of hydroelectric power plants the same water is utilized again and again by pumping back during the off peak hours. During high flow and low load periods, water is wasted and during the lean flow periods the plant capacity is very low. To keep the temperatures in control, the cooling systems are monitored to prevent overheating of the transformers, the cables and so on. This is due to rotation of earth. Hydro-plants are classified according to the head of water under which they work. However, as far as small hydro is concerned the upper and lower limit varies from country to country while defining the small hydro. In low head power plants Francis, propeller or Kaplan turbines are employed. Pondage refers to storage at the plant which makes it possi­ble to cope, hour to hour, with fluctuations of load through­out a week or some longer period depending on the size of pondage. The Hydroelectric Power generation is renewable and is eco-friendly. Penstocks are pipes and carry the water from the valve house to the turbines. With all the water processing taking place, there is a Filtering system which ensures a clean and relatively free of suspended solids which could damage the Turbine’s blades. Different countries are following different norms keeping the upper limit ranging from 5 to 50 MW. The development cost of this plant is cheaper compared to the full time plant. Plagiarism Prevention 5. Peak load plants have large seasonal storage. 3 – Classification of Hydroelectric Power Plant. Disclaimer 8. Hydroelectric power plants are usually classified according to the available of head of water • High head power plants • Medium head power plants • Low head power plants. The water can be stored and used when the demand is high. This is Potential Energy. Electrical Engineering, Power Plants, Hydroelectric Power Plants. When the energy of the flowing water is used to run the turbines then the electricity generated is called the hydroelectric power.Hydropower is one of the major sources of energy since ancient times. The concept of how the Hydroelectric Power Plant works is straightforward and simple, however the operation of the same is quite complex. This needs a big capacity water storage facility. Lost your password? Apart from above classification, hydroelectric power plants can be classified, on the basis of installed capacity, as large, medium, small, mini, and micro hydro power plants. Classification According to Availability of Water Head C. Classification According to Type of Load Supplied D. Classification of Hydroelectric Power Plants Based on Installed Capacity. Structure of such plants is extensive and expensive. During floods, the tail water level may become excessive rendering the plant inoperative. 3 – Classification of Hydroelectric Power Plant Penstocks are of large length and comparatively smaller cross section. According to availability of water head the hydroelectric power plants may be classified into: Though there is no definite line of demarcation for low, medium and high heads but the head below 30 metres is considered low head, the head above 30 metres and below 300 metres is considered as medium head and above 300 metres is considered as high head. The discharge and head are made available due to the tide. Supply of electric power is maintained consistently. Most of the hydroelectric power plants everywhere in the world are of this type. She is an author, editor and partner at Electricalfundablog. Res­ervoir plants can of course be used as peak load plants also. The water is made to fall from a height which constitutes Kinetic Energy. The most common type of hydroelectric power plant is an impoundment facility. Classification of Hydroelectric power plant. This post provides a detailed information about Hydroelectric Power Plant, its classification, working principle, applications, advantages and disadvantages. Turbines are usually custom made according to the needs of the Hydro Electric Power Plant. Image Guidelines 4. They store water during off-peak periods and are operated during peak load periods. 6 – Working of High Head Power Plant. The objective of such a plant is to utilize excessive water during the flood situation or the rainy season. Here, the water is kept in reserve for the high demand periods which comes from the Turbines to back up a storage pool which is situated above the power plant. Grand Coulee of reservoir plants. The forebay provided at the beginning of penstock serves as a water reservoir for such power plants. Hydroelectric Power Plant is a system in dams and works by obstructing the river flow which causes to increase and store water in the Dams. During high flow periods these plants may be used as base load and during lean flow periods these plants may be used to supply peak loads only.