It's not … as mentioned by John Hestad and billiams10, i pried open the remote and cleaned the volume contacts which were oily, due to being the most used buttons i presume. Hopefully @oldturkey03 will pick up on this comment and in his usual inimitable fashion produce a service manual for the receiver or at least a wiring schematic so that we may be able to assist you further, as I have had no luck in finding one. Very poor when compared to the remote app on my old Yamaha. In that case the problem is between your remote and the unit. I used cotton swabs to thoroughly clean all the contacts and it now works fine!!!!! Did it 5 times, same thing, everything works on the remote BUT the volume! Above answers were helpful in what isn't the problem! Hope the new one has volume that works. I have mine set that way simply because I don't have a very direct line of sight to the receiver from where I use the remote. Check with your cellphone's camera if your remote is sending the command to your receiver. Accessibility. Use to display “RESET” on the remote control unit and press ENTER. (Focus the front led of your remote with your cell, it can see the infra red light) If not, (I'm pretty not,) you must open your remote and clean the circuit and silicone corresponding to not working buttons. AVR-X2200w. Yes, the volume knob on the unite works fine, as well as every other function on the remote. We tell you how to program remotes in our guide to remotes. Suri Espinosa Check the speaker cable between that channel and the Denon receiver. More than likely it will be a problem between the IR controller and the volume controller. Given that a reset didn't solve anything, to me it rules out a software problem. Look for them in the lists below, and there’s every possibility you will have your problem solved very soon without someone else’s help. I'll be playing some jazz in TX this week btw. AllureEyes Replacement Remote Control Fit for AVR-3801 AVR-3802 AVR-3803 AVR-3804 AVR-3805 AVR-3806 AVR-3807 AVR-3808 AVR-3809 for Denon A/V AV Receiver 3.9 … Check the batteries. Up North, a saxophone conference in Lubbock. All the settings are restored to their defaults. Let us know what you get. Thanks, YouTube!! The units master volume does work, but the volume can't be controlled by the remote. @oldturkey03, dawaymusic, adjust the volume on the units master volume switch. As time goes by this layer may get damaged because of friction and loose conductivity. No answer but a similar problem. Have you tried resetting the channel levels back to the default setting and see if this may 'clear' the problem? When it didn't work I just ended up using a new learning remote. Symptom Cause Measures; DISPLAY not lit and sound not produced They may be dead. Try 'resetting' the system. Clear any dust or debris that may be covering the eye. Denon Home Audio Video Receiver AVR391. (Focus the front led of your remote with your cell, it can see the infra red light). vladimir_gashuluk. 3 Posts . Which is a newly replaced remote btw. Press and hold RC SETUP for more than 3 seconds. When a button is pressed for longer than three minutes, the remote goes into battery-saving mode. But you can see from above....all remote functions work controls the unit completely properly...BUT won't control the volume ! Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 6, 2012 I just purchased a Denon AVR 1712 and the remote control lock is on. It is possible (unlikely) that the issue is the IR controller in your unit. It's not easy to avoid damaging the plastic edges when using metal on them. The Bolva TV brand listed on the fire stick doesn't seem to work. It indeed is a strange error. My denon controller worked with my Samsung TV for about 7 years and now the kids messed something up and I end up resenting my remote but lost the tv control. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 24. Anyone got their firestick to control their Denon receiver volume? Do you find your Denon receiver unresponsive to both remote control and front panel commands? Tarik Marzokah, I have a marantz remote with this same problem, the mute solution fixes it (volume controls respond after pressing mute) but it’s a strange solution. Try unlocking the battery-saving mode. Remote control not working, batteries replaced for Denon integrated network AV receiver. 4.8 out of 5 stars 15. 03/05/2016 by FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. All I want to do is control the volume. Terms — Just a thought on your problem, if you haven't tried a different remote control unit that is. anonymous 4601. Technician's Assistant: What Denon model do you have? Seems a little cheesy considering the Roku remote only really has the minimalist capacity to control Volume Up/Down, Power, and on some models Mute, it's not like it's an extensive list of features.