Anyone drinking kombucha tea for the first time should begin with a small amount, to see how the body will react, according to Organic Kombucha. Here's an easy recipe. Can You Drink Kombucha Everyday? im taking a probiotic to see if that helps. The store bought kind is usually a lot milder and GT makes an "enlightened" version with less vinegary taste and visible yeast/bacteria floating around, but I actually prefer the stronger tasting kind now that I've been drinking it for years. Maybe if I have it enough It'll grow on me. I agree with the other comment. I like it because it induces a good solid bowel movement out of me every time. I've tried a couple flavors now. Meh, same benefits tea and probiotics have. It's just probiotic, all that other stuff that it claims to do isn't true. On top of drinking kombucha tea, should you decide that you're able to consume it, you should also be eating foods rich … But, we know this can make some people nauseous, especially first-time drinkers. To answer some of these Q's: What does Kombucha taste like? Is it going to give you super powers? My buddies and I work in a produce department that sells this. Drinking Kombucha daily has cleared 70% of my acne Miscellaneous I've had terrible cystic acne for the past few years and have tried every single approach to cure it (diet (no gluten, dairy, sugar, eggs), exercise, water, rest, derm. Dave's brand Kombucha since thats whats most consistently available in my grocery store. I'm not really the type of person who would make their own drinks, but I'll look into it at least. I know, I know, a mushroom fizzy drink doesn’t exactly sound appetising, but give it a try. Kombucha Is Healthy When Made Properly. I've had terrible cystic acne for the past few years and have tried every single approach to cure it (diet (no gluten, dairy, sugar, eggs), exercise, water, rest, derm. Traditional ayurvedic medicine says that consuming sour/acidic foods and drinks before a meal can also aid in weight loss, though we couldn’t find scientifically supported research to substantiate this. fruity vinegary sour seltzer. Thank you very much for the link and your own personal take on it. Is it going to kill you? Like i mentioned earlier, the research is very new for the health benefits of probiotics but having a background in dietetics and nutrition, i can say that every one of my professors highly recommended adding probiotics into a healthy diet. But there's no science in that and this is reddit, so... On the contrary, you've more or less described the placebo affect and there's plenty of science to say that has benefits. Drinking water every day, and drinking enough of it, can seem daunting to a lot of people who aren't used to staying hydrated. Maybe sangria? It's quite rough at first though. Honestly, even if it's not some miracle healing juice, so long as it won't be killing me I might stick with it as it's great for calories and it doesn't taste bad. Not likely. Well as I said in the OP that's really good enough for me. That sounds... unpleasant. Low Calorie drinks that aren't water are hard to come by. I just kind of want the run down on it. Kombucha is LOADED with live probiotics, way more than what's inside probiotic pills which also have limited shelf lives. So sugar content of GT Dave's Kombucha is 4g for the whole bottle, thats like...nothing so you're safe sugar wise. For those poor souls who haven’t yet heard about kombucha and its magical powers, here’s the low-down. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Kombucha is packed with antioxidants, which fight the free radicals to prevent a lot of disease and illness, and also help slow the aging process. Kombucha is pretty healthy, yeah. Like the others said, it tastes super vinegary. When I first told the Women’s Health team I wanted to drink kombucha every day, half said “yum” and the other half said “yuck”. Not likely. This sub is for homebrewers and others who appreciate kombucha. Serotonin levels may even be influenced by the microbiome! As a few posts had mentioned above, bowel movements are much more regular. I have personally had remarkable results from drinking 8-16 oz of kombucha in the morning, I generally feel more energized, don't get early morning munchies before lunch, and often end up in an elevated state of mood as well for no discernible reason - a lot like taking St John's Wort, imho.