I change the channel as soon as it starts. Soooo insensitive!! It was heartbreaking. I don’t think it is right at all. Very poor song choice for their ad. “Only Time” is the lead single and third track from Enya’s 2000 album, A Day Without Rain.The song remains her most popular single and only top 10 hit in the United States, peaking at #10. Instantly brings up 9/11 memory. About joshw2434 year old guy. [3] Some young inept young ad guy who thought, “man this is a cool song for the crap we’re selling. If I didn’t eat what was put before me, it was removed, fed to the dog, and I went hungry. If that’s the case, then the mother should insist that the kid finish more of the HEALTHY dinner!) A girl is featured making arts and crafts out of Kraft macaroni and cheese. Get DJ recommendations for harmonic mixing. ( Log Out /  Check out Only Time by Enya on Amazon Music. ( Log Out /  "Epic Split" is a 75-second-long commercial released in late-2013 by Volvo Trucks. ... 13. Il se classe en tête des ventes en Allemagne et en Suisse. No wonder we have a world with self-centered bratty kids and adults – the role of parents is to teach and guide their children but this commercial glorifies a world view that leads to warped kids and adults – will never buy this product again. I swear, if I’m ever desperate for junk food I will NOT buy their product. As to Kraft’s attempt to associate this with childhood/warm fuzzy feeling/comfort food, and all the rest, I never ate that crap as a kid, in college when it was about a dime a box, not do I order it in restaurants today. ( Log Out /  The dad reacts the same way when he comes home from work. [13] As the camera pulls back eleven Commandos are seen balancing on the character's head in the shape of an illuminated Christmas tree. Shortly after 9/11, there was a viral video going around that showed some of the worst devastation of that day; people jumping from the towers, others crying and broken as they ran, along with the photos of the missing. That song makes my stomach drop like a bad elevator ride. If/When I get an answer, I will be sure to let y’all know and will refer them back here. They should eat it. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese may be the ideal choice. No wonder there’s an obesity crisis in this country. Lastly, bribing the kid with overprocessed, over salted, fatty food because that’s ALL the brat will deign to eat is a STUPID, STUPID idea. You’re welcome, josh. Also see Camelot, duration, release date, label, popularity, energy, danceability, and happiness. Release. "Only Time" Original release … I’m 54 and I’ve never heard of this song being associated with 9/11. That’s what the song is about, so when I thought of that, I could see why there were certain songs that people started listening to [after the 9/11 attacks]. 39 Comments. Every time I hear it, I feel sick. [4] [7] Some colour grading and removal of reflections and safety wires was done by The Mill during post-production. The state farm commercial…dont mess with my discount, is over the top obnoxious. Enya’s “Only Time” is a smooth and soothing song. . It’s funny because you commented on the wrong post. She was born to a musical family and was participating with her family's band by 1980. [1], In 2015, it won another prize at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, for Creative Effectiveness. It’s worse than being self-centered, I’m afraid. I guess irony was what they were going for though, like its usage in Volvo’s widely-viewed and critically acclaimed “Epic Split.” And now I’m watching “Epic Split.” Haha…good stuff. He says at least I know I’m not the only flake that complains about it, but I think we all have the right to complain about it, It sickens and saddens each and every time I hear it.