Highly recommend. Order the irresistible and lot more from Dream Spicy 2. The staff is really nice. Of the many curry dishes native to India, pasanda is perhaps one of the more accessible to all palates. Lamb and potatoes in a spicy hot chilli sauce. $16.95. https://www.yummefy.com/bhuna-pasanda-lamb-pasanda-recipe.html A popular North Indian and Pakistani dish based on a Pasanda recipe. Steamed Basmati rice and lamb, cooked together with saffron, raisins, and almonds Read more → $15.99; Lamb Karai Lamb Pasanda. Cubes of Iamb cooked with raisins and simmered in a smooth almond sauce Read more → $15.99; Lamb Vindaloo. $16.95. Put it over a very low heat and cook for an hour. Method. I ordered chicken tikka masala and lamb pasanda. $16.95. A must go place in JSQ.Long. Stir and add a lid to the pan. A great option if you don’t like your sauce too spicy… The creaminess comes from using either yoghurt or cream (sometimes even coconut cream – see our recipe below!) Add. This rich curry is normally lightly spiced and cooked in quite a simple way. Place the toasted almond flakes into the washed out spice grinder, add 2 tbsp of water and blitz to a paste. It’s a creamy white curry with yogurt, ground cashews and cardamom. Add the lamb to the onion pan with the marinade to cook for a few minutes on each side before pouring in the chicken stock and adding the almond paste. Cubes of Iamb and potatoes cooked in a spicy, tangy sauce Read more → $15.99; Lamb Biryani. Cream may be added for light texture. Meaning “like,” Pasanda refers to a dish that everyone will like, from children to beginners to old hands. Pasanda is milder than Korma. Remove all the white membranes from the surface of the meat. They taste fantastic. Sliced lamb in a mild sesame, almond & cashew sauce. Lamb Pasanda. Recipe for chicken pasanda . Lamb Saag. Using a sharp knife, cut the meat into 5cm (2in) squares, about 1cm (½in) thick. Lamb Karahi. In essence, Pasanda is a white creamy mild sauce made with yogurt, cream and cashews. Sauteed with delicately spiced Creamed Spinach ... Simmered gently in a mild almond cream sauce. Add. Our Patak's Creamy Coconut & Peanut Cooking Sauce is a wonderfully mild blend of creamed coconut, peanuts, almonds and cardamom with authentic spices. Add.