Her exploration is nothing short of stunning, both in execution and subject matter. March 10, 2016 | in Textiles. A hand written interview with the fibre artist Erin M Riley. Riley's use of the loom to create a visual discussion on modern day digital relationships in tapestry creates an interesting blend of new and old world interactions. Based in Brooklyn, Riley transforms found imagery from the Internet into meticulous hand-woven tapestries. Erin M. Riley is an artist who’s truly committed to portraying women’s sexuality and issues. Born in 1985 in Brooklyn, where she still resides, Erin specializes in tapestry, the art of weaving. Article by Romily Alice in London // Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. Erin M Riley: This work is a combination of reflections on past relationships, experiences I have had as well as those of women who reflect the women around me and their experiences. by the blind architect - December 1, 2012 April 9, 2013 - 6 6 Comments. The body of work plays upon the internal voyeur, paired with exceptional looming techniques from the artist. Erin Riley‘s work is a perpetual fusing of the virtual and the real. Tweet. We have interviewed Erin M Riley twice on Empty Kingdom, making this a hat trick, so it is no surprise that she will be gracing the Empty Kingdom Art Show with a few of her pieces. Shocking, honest, Erin’s pieces delve into gender roles and stereotypes much deeper than some are willing to do. An Interview with Erin M. Riley. Pattern weaving results in an image produced by the combination of the warp (vertical threads) and the weft (horizontal threads). She makes tapestries addressing the myriad of issues youth, and particularly women, face and the pain that we go through and sometimes inflict upon ourselves. Riley focuses on finding found digital photos that were shared on the internet, taken for private eyes only. This March, examining themes of ritual and addiction, Erin M. Riley and Lucien Shapiro set forth a dialog constructed through personal narrative and contemporary craft at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco. But she doesn t weave classical, dull motives – she weaves sexts, porn-screenshots, sexual themes. A lot of the imagery has stayed the same, self portraiture, objects of sexuality but in trying to combine two series I have incorporated images into my still lives. Virtual Reality // Digital Intimacies, Physical Objects: An Interview with Erin M Riley. Tapestry weaving is a weft-faced weave; the aim is to completely hide the warp. EK Interview: Erin M Riley. Erin Riley’s work is vibrant, violent, beautiful, sad but above all honest. Erin M. Riley: Pattern fabric weaving utilizes the technology of the loom, using a combination of threading and what's called tie-up. Erin is a weaver who creates subversive and contemporary tapestries for exhibition.