D to D: …is the Dorian mode. Before print or download please save it first. Because of the b3 and b7 in the scale, it creates a min7 chord.Since the minor 7 chord is the root for this scale, you can play phrygian over a min7 chord. E to E: …is the Phrygian mode. Every white note on the piano has a mode associated with it and modes are basically played by starting and ending on a given white note. There are a few ways to use phrygian. Eb Phrygian A# Phrygian G Phrygian C# Phrygian E# Phrygian C Phrygian F# Phrygian F Phrygian Bb Phrygian A Phrygian E Phrygian D# Phrygian D Phrygian G# Phrygian B Phrygian . G to G: …is the Mixolydian mode. The F Phrygian Mode for Piano consists of the notes F • Gb • Ab • Bb • C • Db • Eb • F and is formed using the interval pattern S • T • T • T • S • T • T Tip: You can find a scale by typing in its notes seperated by commas e.g. B to B: …is the Locrian mode. B is the subdominant of the scale. Piano Scales Chart C C# Db D D# Eb E F F# Gb G G# Ab A A# Bb B Show All F# Scales Hide Scales List F# Major F# Major pentatonic F# Minor pentatonic F# Dorian F# Phrygian F# Lydian F# Mixolydian F# Aeolian F# Locrian F# Blues F# Harmonic Minor F# Melodic Minor Scale Degrees: F# is the tonic of the F-sharp major scale. Phrygian Scales www.piano-lessons-made-simple.com. Here’s the F# major scale on piano. The Phrygian mode (pronounced / ˈ f r ɪ dʒ i ə n /) can refer to three different musical modes: the ancient Greek tonos or harmonia sometimes called Phrygian, formed on a particular set of octave species or scales; the Medieval Phrygian mode, and the modern conception of the Phrygian mode as a diatonic scale, based on the latter.. So we can create the phrygian mode of the scale by restating the scale, starting with the C sharp, which gives us. D# is the submediant of the scale. F# is the octave of the scale. A to A: …is the Aeolian mode. C sharp, D, E, F sharp, G sharp, A, B, C sharp. (C, E, G) F phrygian Scale Below you can find guitar and piano scale diagrams, notes, intervals, formulas, and chords If you made any changes to your settings. F to F: …is the Lydian mode. The easiest way is to play phrygian over a Minor 7 chord. G# is the supertonic of the F-sharp major scale. E# is the leading tone of the scale. The notes of the A major scale are A, B, C sharp, D, E, F sharp, and G sharp. C to C: …is the Ionian mode. Let's use an A major scale to build a C sharp minor seventh chord. Applying Phrygian. A# is the mediant of the scale. C# is the dominant of the scale. F Major Phrygian for piano.