For me “A Panic Station” it’s great, defines me, defines the whole look of the blog, you can start with a fashion post or a music post, It’s a lovely way to have fun and say: It’s not chaotic, but, you don’t know where to start. This article was hilarious, and some of the comments of the people who actually thought it was a legit categorization instead of sarcasm was even better! So helpful, I just started transitioning my blog from a fashion blog to more of a personal lifestyle blog about fashion, food, travel etc. One speaker at Luckyfabb last weekend even poked fun at those names saying they were unoriginal. You can start a fashion blog for hobby and be satisfied or you can make every effort (takes a mix of skills, SEO, networking) to get paid from your fashion blog and make a mark for you with your talent. So first, we had ‘black girl frugal world’ which i loved, it was going to be a personal redemption story….but a marketing and advertising friend suggest i rethink it ….so now we are at ‘torrian’s two cents’. I think that when considering a name you should have a tagline in mind and a story to tell that expounds on the name. As for “With Love”, I chose it because it is the typical way girls end their messages to close friends and I wanted to have that sort of friendship with my readers! I can actually go up to people and say “Wand. Well.. My name is Kårvand, which englishspeaking people pronounce corewand, and then I just used wand. This is a great post! I took the longest time to finally settle on my blog, Keep Calm and Chiffon. Some of the suggestions are really funny! I fell in love with that song! It’s simple, to the point, describes my blog, and can be easily read in a URL, twitter handle, etc (shopandtwirl). I couldn’t get the just Never Fully Dressed URL either, so we chose to go with “” which is quick and pretty easy. It hit me once that I could try the blog persona instead of the name, like the girl with the green scarf. What Are You Looking At? I’ve been looking for a good name for a beauty blog in English for AGES, the only reason why I haven’t started it yet is because I can’t think of a name! Wow I have loved reading about everyone’s experiences in naming their blogs. You are right about the fashion blogs doing very well, though I don’t think I’d ever step into that field, but one never knows where the future takes us! The reason this industry is so popular among bloggers is because the audience is enormous. You don’t need to spend a sumptuous amount of money to start a fashion blog. Whether you're starting a fashion blog, mom blog or any other type of blog, the hardest part is coming up with fresh content ideas. And once I say this to any person, it’s becoming a huge surprise (and also a reason of MANY cold weather-bears-GULAGs-vodka jokes lol). I have had much more success with PR contacts as DelectablyChic!, but I don’t get nearly as many offers (for money/sponsorship) as true fashion bloggers who feature themselves. In the mean time I’m just posting all things that interest me and i think is fun, and do my thang . My blog’s name is Anna In Venture. Elegant Themes Review: Stunning & Feature-rich! I believe in Authenticity across the board. -Becky, Haha I love this story! I was 10 seconds away from naming my blog “Lipstick and a half-eaten sandwich” but I changed it last minute (kidding, of course, although that actually sounds kind of killer too). Hi. But I might have to buy my domain I think that is what it’s called in order just to appear like because when I created I put “shinigami-u” before the rest of the URL, I can’t remember why… Luv IFB!! It’s the way I would sign off a letter. I really wanted and still do something different but for some reason I just can’t get past the eclectic. You helped a bunch!! Decided on it at the exact same time I decided to blog. One thing I know for sure is that my blog name fits the real me and people can take it or leave it. Anything advice. And the best part? My new blog name works in so many ways! All out of good fashion blog name ideas? Core themes of the blog expanded a little but name remained the same. I finally got mine!! Totally agree with all of this. However, I do regret the dashes… Sometimes I wish I had the word “fashion” or “style” in it, but I think my blog name is unique , I originally started off as “sequins and polka dots” but it was a so when I realized I needed a .com, it would’ve cost me over $1,000 to keep the name….So I changed it to and I actually like it better!:).