Red Rocks Community College Fine Woodworking department offers a curriculum to fit your goals, whether pursuing a career or fine-tuning your expertise. We have trained both beginners with no experience in the craft; through to seasoned makers with a decade or more as professional furniture makers. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Drawing, design work, business classes, this course gives you the full gamut of skills necessary to be a cabinetmaker. A letter explaining your interest in furniture making and your goals, Up to eight digital images of any woodworking or other artwork you have done previously, Names and telephone numbers of three character references such as teachers, employers, and business associates. Four Comprehensive students won awards at the 2019 Fresh Wood Student Design Competition in Las Vegas. Basic Woodworking - introduces the furniture making sequence from drafting to assembly, and provides a solid foundation in hand tool skills for accurate layout and cutting of dovetail and mortise-and-tenon joinery, along with safe use of machinery for stock preparation. Teaching Creative Excellence since 1993.Copyright © 2020 Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. After March 1, applications will be reviewed for acceptance as they arrive. In running these courses, Mike aims to share knowledge, skills, experience and a sense of fulfilment that working with wood can inspire as well as offering a route towards a possible source of income, or full time career. See our weekend course page for details on the courses available. The hands-on, project-oriented format includes the full range of furniture making skills. We offer classes suited to the aspiring beginner, through to those looking to build a career as a woodworker and everything in between. Our intention has been to provide a complete course, giving you all of the making skills as well as the artistic and technical design knowledge to be a cabinetmaker at the highest level. The Rowden teaching methods and ethos David instilled, were inspired by both the Arts & Crafts movement, David’s time at Ruskin and with Peters. 12 certificate programs and an Associates of Applied Science in Fine Woodworking. Covering the practicalities associated with being a designer / maker too is vital for our students and as such, this course digs deep into what’s practical and necessary to run a business in this niche. This contributes to the continuing success of the Rowden alumni who come to train here from all over the world. In all fairness, we advise applicants that, while the rewards of such a career are many, it is a challenging way to make a living. Get in touch to discuss our upcoming availability below. In the admissions process we look for people who are exceptionally self-motivated, get along well with others in a shared work environment, and have demonstrated woodworking and joinery experience upon which to build. Our ever popular 2 and 5 day courses offer you the chance to try something completely new or hone and add to existing woodworking skills. You will focus on working with hand tools to learn the fundamentals of cabinetmaking, just as our students do in our six and twelve month courses. One week courses are extremely intensive, run in small classes over 5 days, with expert guidance. (1 week), Chair Making, in which each student pursues an extensive design process to create a prototype chair. The hands-on, project-oriented format includes the full range of furniture making skills. This is a good opportunity to learn professional exhibition practice firsthand. For over 35 years we have carried a philosophy to respect the craft of fine furniture design and making whilst pushing our students to do the best work they can, regardless of their experience or background. The Lead Instructor for the course is Tim Rousseau. For each project, Tim is joined by a co-teacher who specializes in the relevant skills. (2 weeks), Table and Drawer -  students continue to develop their hand, machine, and joinery skills by designing and building a tapered-leg side table with a drawer. Perth: ON: Passion for Wood: Acton: ON The following list is subject to change. melbourne school of fine woodworking (msfw) is a not for profit woodworking club located at Box Hill in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Chair designs modeled by 2019 Comprehensive graduate Chris Merchant, field trips to furniture makers around the state to discuss marketing, pricing, and other aspects of their businesses and. We provide theory and hands-on training for entry-level skills through craftsman/master-level competencies. Mike is a CTP Preferred Supplier. Our commitment to the values associated with the Arts & Crafts movement, teaching woodwork from the fundamentals to the complex, and a finely honed in the curriculum, continues to turn ideas for a piece of furniture into a reality, students into cabinetmakers and cabinetmakers into award winners. It goes through our full making curriculum, from the basic hand worked joints, through to demanding machining tasks of building the famed Rowden workbench. It culminates in the intricate task of a French polished box with piston fit components. Day, evening or weekend classes to meet your scheduling needs. For more information, contact Mike Watts Fine Woodworking Courses : 01271813994 Comprehensive participants gain exhibition experience with a five-week show in our Messler Gallery, starting in mid-April. We expect students to graduate with the confidence and skill to design and build fine furniture on their own, and to be qualified for employment by other fine furniture makers.