Live bloodworms are an excellent choice since their wriggling movements greatly aid in stimulating fish’s appetite even those that are considered as finicky eaters. Such foods are good at helping fry grow healthily. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, Brand: OCEAN FREE XO HUMPY HEAD FLOWERHORN FISH FOOD 100 g, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Overall, there are tons of queries when it comes to the best food for flowerhorn and what types of ingredients can ensure fast and healthy growth, intensify fish color, and enlarge their nuchal hump. Gaurav Singh ... FlowerHorn Fish Care & Information **WARNING GRAPHIC ** - … A couple of things that would make you feel a little dismayed if you get this product are its tendency to make the tank water quite filthy especially if you overfeed your finned buddies and it would have been better if it is properly packaged to protect its freshness. These fish species are known to be greedy eaters, so this implies that they could consume whatever it is that is offered to them. Flowerhorns also love eating veggies so adding this to their diet is quite beneficial. ... Humpy Head 2. Unlike other food options that normally take more time to produce noticeable results, this food can provide positive results within a short period. In any case, these pellets are surprisingly too small in size. Feeding them with bloodworms two times per week is also beneficial. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Lastly, in the fourth week, you may feed them with frozen blood worms, mosquito larvae and Tubifex worms, osterized market shrimps and osterized beef heart. XO Humpy Head (Review and Result) Flowerhorn tips - YouTube By the third week, it is high time to introduce some other sorts of live foods such as mosquito larvae and super worms. If you dream of making your flowerhorn fish’s head become larger and in good shape; then this food could help you accomplish that. This is also made with active yeast powder that aids in probiotic growth and in building stronger fish immunity. If want to compare this with another appropriate food, buy a small portion of both and see what the fish likes best. To conclude, this product can be labeled as one of the top 10 flowerhorn fish foods. Besides, flowerhorns can be finicky eaters at times and tend to get bored consuming the same foods every day. But, fish food products that contain xanthophyll are a little difficult to find; you can consider searching for products that are primarily manufactured for goldfish in case you don’t find one. If you want to effectively enhance the color of your flowerhorn, then the following foods must be considered: Pellets formulated with color enhancing pigments contain ingredients that significantly help in intensifying fish coloration. Without a doubt, flowerhorn fish are perceived as voracious eaters. Buy Exotic ornamental fishes, aquarium fish online at the Best deal. And, you would need to soak the pellets in tank water first so your flowerhorns won’t have a hard time swallowing and digesting them. This does wonder in accelerating fish growth and being made with all-natural contents make it a safe investment to purchase. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The floating pellets are great since they do not fall in easily and get lost in the substrate. This is one of the very few food options that work outstandingly to encourage healthy fish development and larger nuchal humps. reply #3. soubiswasmahi. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Fortunately, this product is designed to provide the appropriate types of foods that contain a majority of the required nutrients that could guarantee better fish growth, more vigorous immune system functions, and more impressive fish colors. Since flowerhorns are greedy eaters, it is crucial to feed them 2 to 3 times per day to support their fast development and naturally vibrant colors. But, one thing is sure- you’ll be amazed by the huge difference! Bird . This is free of any chemicals, colors, and other toxic contents that could cause various fish ailments. Furthermore, this comes with superior levels of krill and spirulina contents and some natural color enhancing ingredients that are meant to help enhance the sparkle dots of your aquatic pets in a span of one to two weeks. special immune substance added to increase the fishes resistance against diseases. Use pellets that are manufactured with color enhancement pigments. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. The health condition of aquatic pets may be observed by its feces color and behavior. The contents of this food include spirulina, yeast, fish meal, fish oil, Omega 3 & 6, garlic, shrimp meal, seaweed meal, krill, astaxanthin, 48% protein, 11% ash, vitamins A, D-3, 7% fiber, biotin, 10% fat, B1 and B12. I usually don't keep hybrid fish but think the humpy head would be better suited to flowerhorn fish. Their health would largely depend on the kind of food you feed them daily. For anyone who sincerely wants to invest in the right food for flowerhorn color, this product option can be one of those brands that you can count on. The moment you add pellets in the aquarium, you may observe how delighted they are. This is loaded with proteins and other vital nutrients that support fish’s overall well-being. It is formulated to contain flavorful contents reason why most fish would be lured to devour the pellets faster with only a little fish waste … You only need to feed these pellets once a day but you would need to mix the diet with other live foods such as bloodworms and shrimps. It is necessary to know the appropriate portion of feed your finned pets need. Before buying fish food products for your flowerhorn, it is helpful to conduct exclusive research first. You can consider providing them with cichlid pellets instead. These are also called staple fish foods. Alternatively, you can opt for other food products that come with contents such as marigold powder, dried egg, or corn gluten meal. Copyright © 2020 - Reefers Direct. THE HEAD'S SHAPE WILL ALSO BECOME MORE CONTOURED. Two factors that you need to pay attention to if you plan to buy this product are its minimal fiber contents which means it could somehow cause some digestion concerns and some discus fish tend to ignore these pellets during feeding sessions. Buy Betta Fish online in India at the best Price. These are a few of the top options by experienced fish hobbyists. Hence, if you prefer to check out countless options; the best way to go is to shop online. It is worth noting that this product is overpriced than other competitors, so it is not a practical choice for those who are looking for less expensive options. In addition to this, they are known to have a fast metabolism which means that they especially require more amount of foods to sustain themselves. Over and above, this is your practical choice if you want to continue seeing your fish tank residents look good and healthy. Many flowerhorn enthusiasts prefer this brand because it was particularly formulated with large amounts of proteins, calories, multivitamins, calcium, and other necessary nutrients that promote natural, more radiant fish coloration and glossier scales.