Potion, Smarna. Ghost Ship. Once inside, grab the 30G nearby and use the Save Point if you wish. I recommend getting the Hurricane Belt and equipping it on Milda for this fight. Recommended Level: 6 Items: 9 Gold Pouches, Mana Egg (from the boss), 2 Wound Sals, Adm Sword, Pirate Hat, Resu. Beat the boss in the bonus dungeon Castle of Dreams which is located in the South Zil Desert. It’s kinda hard to see here due to the fog, the obstructions above, and the many things scattered This boss is fast and does a lot of lightning based attacks. Use the save point as needed and enter the west opening. After boarding the Ghost Ship, climb down in the hole to get below deck of the ship. I recommend doing this dungeon before Soldier's Graveyard because it is much smaller. Great ... Do so and save if you wish, then head out the door to face another boss fight! Go down the hole on the right. And while I'm here, I swap out her mittens for a shield. Exit via a nearby hole in the wall to get the Ghost Ship’s Hold. Defeat the Lord's Ghost. It goes on the artillery made of tissue paper. Let's Play Grandia by Edward_Tohr - Part 20: Ghost Ship 1 . A Ghost Ship? Get up on the crane (press X by the rope) and walk across to the Pirate Ship. This is the Boss you fight on the Ghost Ship. ... Three guess which element this dungeon's boss's big fuckoff special attack is. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Grandia for PlayStation. BOSS FIGHT: GOVA. Well, this fight should be good. It actually doesn't matter.