Thank you very much for your reply. Hi Here are some of the age-appropriate ways to add jaggery to baby food recipes. In such a scenario, jaggery for babies in rural areas can help to meet their iron needs and prevent iron deficiency anemia. Hi, My baby is 10 month old now, can i add Jaggery syrup in her foods and which one is advisable, Sugar cane jaggery or Palm jaggery? Is it safe to add jaggery in formula everytime? Jaggery is usually preferred to white sugar .Pediatricians recommend avoiding sugar for babies under 12 months of age . My grandparents and my parents insists me to add salt n sugar to baby food.. but till date i haven’t added that.. so thot of adding mishri… You can try each one, a little at a time, to see which one baby prefers the most. For young infants who have just started solids, jaggery water can be given along with other weaning foods. 1. As you can see, the risks associated with feeding jaggery to babies under one far outweigh the benefits. When Can Babies Start Having Jaggery? From these mixed opinions, I realized that the decision to feed babies jaggery had to be taken based on individual lifestyle and feeding practices. In all the below recipes, it is recommended to use Organic Jaggery which is generally produced by our farmers in the nearby villages without any chemical processing. Breast milk – Breast milk is naturally sweet and your baby’s already used to its taste. In case of doubt, it’s best to consult your pediatrician who will be able to advice you based on your baby’s current health status. ?..mixing n baby foods.. useful info… even raw cane sugar also should be avoided ? Indian Academy of Paediatrics- Infant Feeding Guidelines, 3. Could you please advice me what should I do next? Infant feeding practices and 6 year follow up – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Filed Under: Can I give my Baby?, Health, Starting Solids Tagged With: can i give jaggery to my infant, can I give my baby jaggery, can we give jaggery for babies, how to give jaggery for babies, how to sweeten baby food without jaggery or sugar, jaggery for babies, jaggery for babies below 1 year, jaggery for infants, when to give jaggery to babies, well i gave to my baby wen he was 13 months in porridge n it turned out to b total disaster he got severe diareah with so bad rashes in his loo area that it was one of the baddest nightmare a mother can have … I am a medical doctor by profession, no longer into active medical practice as my two little moppets keep me pretty much busy. How about giving jaggery after a baby turns one? 1. I have a doubt.. my daughter is 8months old.. During our medical internship , we are taught to advice mothers to add jaggery to baby’s food. Anything in moderate is always good . Is it still not recommended? It is prepared from coconut sap as well. It is generally considered safe when consumed with a well-balanced diet and in small quantities. NO! Now she’s 6month.I give my baby Saffron Milk, Is there a way to make khichadi tasty without adding jaggery. 2. You can add different veggies or mashed potato etc. Jaggery is addictive. It cna be given after 1 year, but moderately, Your email address will not be published. Babies can have jaggery as soon as they start eating solids, which is around the age of six months. 4. Jaggery is very high in calories and while it has some health benefits, a baby’s immature digestive system is not prepared to absorb all the nutrients in jaggery. Hello ma’am! Then and now, this recommendation holds good for rural babies as the weaning process in rural areas usually occurs late and is lacking in nutrient content. He is not taking solids enough( takes only 2 spoons). my LO s 7 month old from today..without jaggery she is not eating ragi porridge im adding teaspoon of jaggery to a cup of porridge is it fine ?? P.s : Ignore it u dont agree .. Research also proves that babies who are introduced to jaggery early have a tendency to eat more sugary stuff by the time they turn 6. When you use jaggery and milk together, either jaggery or milk should be at room temperature to prevent curdling. I am following your 50 first solid food recipe. My lo is 2 month old and my mother in law already started giving her potli of jaggery she is suffering from cough now is this due to jaggery pls advice me for the same. Start with small portions. The final outcome was that well, nobody knows for sure!! Jaggery can be considered an alternative but should be fed in moderation. Ever since I wrote the post about why salt and sugar isn’t recommended for babies under one, many readers have asked me whether they can give their babies jaggery instead. Besides, jaggery is known to have certain bioactive compounds that maybe beneficial for health in the long run. Skip whole cashews or raisins for small babies as they … I added Jaggery to my baby before reading this article. Many FMCG companies are also selling Organic Jaggery Powder in convenient packaging on a retail basis. 5. You can give daily in small quantities. Immediately sieve it to another pan. Thank you. Taste of dal rice with ghee or any veggies is also quite bland my baby doesn’t eat more than couple of spoons. is it good for cough?? It is also used to make traditional alcoholic drinks, such as palm wine, and for … Hi Dr.Hema You can add one or two spoons depending on the sweetness you require. Organic jaggery is a relatively safe natural sweetener for infants. Yes you can now. Use this mix in porridges, khichdis and other baby foods. Is it advisable to give palm candy or palm jaggery? Sugar Addiction. Just add 2 tbsp of water. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. When jaggery is consumed beyond the recommended level, it can prove harmful to the baby, thereby creating the exact opposite effect of what the Mom wanted in the first place! Consuming jaggery can have some health benefits. Please read our Disclaimer. Therefore, consult a doctor or pediatric nutritionist to know the right age to introduce jaggery to your baby. This post tells you about jaggery for babies, when they can start having it, its benefits, and possible side effects. You can add more jaggery than mentioned for extra sweetness. However, before introducing jaggery, do ask your doctor about the ideal amount you can use for your baby. Jaggery is no exception. Jaggery; A natural source of iron, store bought organic jaggery can sweeten the porridges and kheer of your 8m+ baby. Can I give Jaggery to my Baby? You can if you want to make it sweet add dates syrup. Pls suggest. This instruction was according to the recommendation of the Food and Nutrition Board of India and from the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, based on the assumption that jaggery is energy dense and hence nutritious for the baby. Feed it in small quantities. Ok ma’am. My 6 months old son got rashes around his mouth , when I was wondering why it came, that time I read about the risk of Jaggery. I love to help and guide new parents through their journey of raising healthy babies.... Read More. Jaggery contains about 38 calories per 10 g. As a result, excessive consumption of jaggery can result in the baby getting too many calories, causing an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes later in life.