With a help of many detailed maps and screens, you'll easily obtain all hidden treasures in Constantinople. There are seven sections you will need to free cloth creatures. This is a spoiler tag free zone of the game and can be used to discuss collectibles and game information freely. To unlock the Platinum trophy, you need to scan all enemy types and Encrypted Logs, find and unlock all Chests, find all Secrets, and find and plant all 10 Terrarium Seeds. A second guide to Assassin's Creed Revelations is focused primarily on all secrets and collectible items available in the game. SPOILER TAGS ARE NOT USED IN THIS THREAD! Sell Us Your Vinyl Records !! Step 2: Collectibles mop-up. Track down every last Playmate with our chapter-by-chapter guide to the Mafia 2 Playboy locations. Unfavorite. The guide below lists the locations to all Collectibles. Agent Walker: Secret Journey > Guides > catnip's Guides ... Guide showing location of all collectibles in the game: Uniforms, Figurines and Miniatures. Records For Crafts & Projects!!!! There are 100 locations, and you’ll gain levels for finding 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 at a time. Continue reading at your own discretion but be warned this thread contains MAJOR spoilers.In Conclusion: Spoiler Tag Free Zone Contains Major Spoilers Collectible Discussion … Journey ~ Collectibles Guide - posted in Journey: WARNING! Following this guide grant you 100% completion in all of the planet sub-areas, thus the related trophy. In total, there are 45 enemies, 19 Encrypted Logs, 107 chests, 32 Secrets (8 of which are Stim Canisters), and 10 Terrarium Seeds. ... Buy new and used LP vinyl records featuring Journey. Please use the collectibles guide for additional pictures that will help you navigate this chapter, and obtain the other trophy and collectibles at the same time. Favorited. 2 . Make sure you have Collect activated, and journey to the fishing hole that your desired collectable fish lives in. Journey There are 13 products. Grading Guide. First you just check which fish are currently able to be turned in under the Timers menu and make note of the minimum collectability you need to be able to turn it in. (3) Collectables for Fishing. Blog. These are: - 100 Animus Data Fragments These are extremely simple, and actually quite easy to get once you get the hang of it. Share. Award. Find rare collectible vinyl record albums starring Journey. Orange Goo is the most common collectible in the game. Favorite. SiteMap. Created by. After finishing the story, you’ll be left with a lot of areas still to explore, collectibles to pick up and perhaps a couple more enemies to scan. Home!! This chapter is confusing to navigate. Use the mountain as a reference for North.