Drain kale well and set aside to cool. Together, scrumptious blue cheese, Dijon mustard and garlic bring down the house. Great as a side dish to almost any Oh, yes. If you’re wondering whether this Kale Avocado salad is keto, the nutritional info for one serving of this kale salad recipe is: 267 calories 4g Net Carbs = 11g Total Carbs – 7g Fiber 3g Protein 25g Fat Add kale, avocado, and pine nuts into the mixing bowl and toss well. iStock (3) Say goodbye to your boring work lunch and hello to this flavor-packed salad … Perfect for a dinner party, holiday gathering or make ahead lunch since this salad doesn't get soggy! Not keto? We've got a classic broccoli salad recipe as well! In a small bowl, mix salad. Whole30 + Keto Pomegranate + Blueberry Winter Kale Salad Recipe + Video - a low carb entree or starter salad. Sautéed kale takes the lead in this fabulous, crispy, keto salad. Add salt and kale into the pot and cook for 10-20 minutes. Share this: We give this one a standing ovation. Kale, canned salmon, and avocado are three healthful ingredients that are also on a keto diet food list! If you're vegetarian, swap out the bacon for a diced avocado—the creaminess is a great compliment to the snappy broccoli. This creamy keto salad with egg, mayo, and avocado is a great option for picnics and on-the-go meals. What’s more, it’s very nutritious. Is Kale Salad low carb? And did we mention there’s broccoli too? Spicy fried kale, tangy mustard, creamy avocado and garlic combined with our amazing mayonnaise. Serve this BAE Salad (bacon, avocado, and egg) on a toasted and sliced, open-face keto bagel—the combo is divine! Season salad with pepper and salt. We went there. If you’re diggin’ salads, try this Kale Superfood Salad ! Be prepared to fall in love with this low-carb salad! Paleo, gluten free, grain free, dairy free, vegan, plant based, clean eating, real food.