20 Hilariously Awkward Family Pet Photos. The Law School Memes for Edgy T14s page asked members to provide their best lawyerly pickup lines and they didn’t disappoint. ... “I got it from Reddit r/Tinder. I don't know about pick-up lines, but following that stage: Accept: She says "yes, let's do it, baby." You’ll never know unless you try. Denial: "I have to wash my hair this week" Waitlist: "Let's just be friends" Top. FeelTheHeat Posts: 5178 Joined: Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:32 am. If you’re wondering how these pick-up lines work, it’s about time that you try them on a gorgeous nurse you’ve been eyeing the past few days. Top 10 Law Student Pick-up Lines to Never Ever Use... 10. We asked eight guys about the best pick up lines for men, the ones they turn to over and over again because they get results. #6: Questions that are Answerable by Her Name. 18 Shocking Photobombs We Never Saw Coming. 21 Funny History Memes You Won't Find in Any Textbook . Go Local “We live in Hawaii, where there a lot of emergency drills, so I came up with this line.” —Jordan, 22. It's Erie that I haven't seen you in Civ Pro before. 7. #4: Bad but Funny Sexual Openers. We … #10: Tell Her About Something Funny … You can be the C in my UCC anytime. A reasonable person would say yes to dinner with me next week. 6. #5: Fun Rhetorical Questions. Whether you need cheesy pick up lines or corny pick-up lines, here are 101 funny, clever, cute, mildly cringy pick up lines that actually work for guys and girls. It does work, though I cannot take credit for the poem.” —Robert 33 . Psych Out. 5. You know, Miranda didn't warn me about you. 17 Tinder Pick-Up Lines That Have Worked on Women #1: Cute Movie Puns. These People Gave The BEST Replies To A Wrong Number Text Message. And on Reddit's Tinder forum, you can see what pick-up lines worked—and what hasn't—for others suitors. Opening lines mean everything on dating apps. 7. I was young, naive and full of false expectations. #9: Straight to the Point Pick Up Line. A s a sixth form student choosing to do a law degree, I wish I'd have been better informed about what it's really like to be a law student. 30 Admittedly Cheesy Pick Up Lines That Might Actually Work. See Also: 5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Nurse. You must be very amused reading this list of hilarious pick-up lines for nurses, but trust me, there are a whole lot more. Re: Law student pickup lines? #7: Being Detailed in Your Message. #3: Easy Play on a Physical Attribute. #8: Playing with Her Name. The 20 Funniest Celebrities on Twitter. 8. #2: Cheesy Puns on Her Name. You satisfy all the elements of looking good. 9. 8. Hilarious Museum Face Swaps That Are True Works of Art.