The DHV841 can process any size sausage in all types of casings – natural, collagen and cellulose. If your desired end product is individual sausages, then add the Vemag TM203 Link Cutting Machine … Heavy duty construction. … Machine Size: 31.6 x 16.4 x 18.8 Voltage: 110V/60Hz Capacity: 100 link/min Sausage Diameter Range: 8 to 35mm Each Link … Sausage cutter CHIUSING Premium Sausage Salami Guillotine Slicer- Rustic Wooden Design & Sharp Stainless Steel Blade For Slicing Chorizo, Pepperoni & More Dried Meat Delicacies with child saft lock. The TM203 is optimized to cut all types of fresh sausage in natural and collagen casings, reaching cutting … The DHV841 is ideal for simple linking straight onto the filling table. Vemag LPG208 Length Portioning Machine with Twin Horns and TM203 Link Cutting Machine. Affordable Sausage Linking Machine for Commercial Operations! Great for custom batches! All Stainess steel top.