The original versions of Windows were open and never limited users from accessing personal data. Initially, Microsoft was not keen on securing Windows when they first started out releasing the operating system. But Windows also runs on over 1 billion devices, making it the most popular operating system in the world. Windows has a massive user base, so it would be madness for a consumer hardware manufacturer not to support Windows. The reason why a Linux system is considered secure is they donot compromise on security to make it more usable for the user. Security: Linux is a highly secure operating system. Linux is gaining grounds in IT companies and other sectors because of its ready availability, security, and performance. The severity of security vulnerabilities, derived from the following metrics: 1.1 damage potential (how much damage is possible?) Linux is considered to have the strongest software and hardware security. Apple comes after that, and Linux has the smallest share. We compared Windows vs. Linux by examining the following metrics in the 40 most recent patches/vulnerabilities listed for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 vs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS v.3: 1. Each operating system comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) with a desktop that allows a … Sometimes people think Linux is just another kind of system which is genetically secure. Although Linux is considerably more secure than Windows and even somewhat more secure than MacOS, that doesn't mean Linux is without its security flaws. As a Windows user, you can rest assured the operating system is compatible with nearly any hardware you might buy. Linux and Mac OS X, on the other hand, focused on limiting unauthorized access from scratch. And that ends my three-way comparison of the user-level security in OS X, Windows, and Linux. Differences Between Linux vs Windows. Linux has … Linux and Windows 10 are the two different operating systems and both Linux and Windows 10 are popular in their zones. The Linux vs Windows debate often comes up among computer enthusiasts, with both operating systems offering unique and impressive features that make them worthy of this discussion. Linux powers the internet, no doubt about that. Mac by Apple, Windows by Microsoft, Linux by the community. Windows enjoy the largest market share. It is not. Linux is now the first choice in organizations to develop the applications for the banking sectors. Windows is a series of operating systems, computer operating system (OS) developed by Microsoft for personal desktops/devices or computer (PC). We are going to compare them. History of Windows Security.