IELTS Writing Task 2 Test on 10th February with Band 8.0-9.0 Sample - topic : The Tradition… IELTS Essay Band 8 Sample: Writing Task 2 in April 2018; IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic in 2018 - advantages and disadvantages of modern Technology with… Academic IELTS Writing Actual Tests topic (Task 2) in 2015 & sample Essays I need a general training reading and writing books of Makkar Ielts. [email protected] Practice this one by one and achieve your desired band score. English Quiz, Terms & Conditions I will be thankful to you. thank you. Pls send me copies of these books to my email [email protected] Thank you! you can easily understand the whole pattern of the essays and letters and learn how to write essays and letters in a most effective way. The book today I will discuss is for IELTS writing task 2. makkar IELTS essays from past exams. Required fields are marked *. This is the latest edition of Makkar IELTS GENERAL TRAINING ESSAYS & LETTERS. Top Five Best IELTS books: Review & Download - IELTSBID, Practical IELTS strategies: writing task one pdf download - IELTSBID. In this book “Makkar IELTS Graphs from the past exams”, you will find more than 200 IELTS Academic writing task 1 Graphs with band 7.5 – 8 answers. Can you please forward writing material to my email id [email protected] for GT exam. In IELTS preparation relevant study material plays a key role. … Makkar IELTS General training essays:Download pdf 2020 edition … Writing is a difficult task in the IELTS exam 400+. Thanks, I want all these books specially cue cards and speaking pdf, I really really need this book bcz i’d to prepare my ielts test on july already , Please send General Training books. Thanks in advance. email: [email protected]. To Download essays, click on the following button. Prepare for IELS exam by answering the questions. [email protected]. Many students are worried about this. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 1. extremely broad for me. IELTS Game is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Get a Band 8 or 9 Score on the IELTS Writing Task 2 essay (Academic or General) with these tips, sample answers, and example topics for each question type. Some famous examples are jobs, education, children, environment, etc. I am looking forwarԁ for yoսr next post, I’ll try to thank u so much for the easy access and every thing. Please .. Vocabulary You can download Academic Reading volume 1 and volume 2 from the following links or buy it to support the author. [email protected]. Please kindly send me IELTS makker IELTS books PDF file and essay books to my email id: [email protected], Please I need makkar general training reading and writing IELTS academic readings for exam practice contains 20 IELTS reading exams with answers and explanation. Download Makkar IELTS Writing Task 2 PDF 2020 IELTS Academic Essays from Past Exams for 2020 by Dr. Kiran Makkar Download Free PDF. my mail is [email protected], I need these books please My email: [email protected], I need all general training materials. [email protected]. As we all know that the writing module is one of the most important parts of the IELTS course, this book will help you to crack writing part. I need to download all MAKKAR books, Please send [email protected], i can’t download them MY email: [email protected], Please send me these books my email is [email protected] please send me makkar essay writing task 2 (2020) and makkar ielts graphs (2020) on [email protected]. Send me these amazing books get the hang of it! Hii.. Kindly send me makkar ielts speaking june to august… Plzzz, , Could you please send me all the academic ielts books in the form of pdf…. Thanks in advance, CAN I HAVE A GENERAL WRITING AND SPEAKING BOOK ON, can i get general writing and speaking book on [email protected], please all the academic materials…. I faced the ielts speaking exam today(1/2/2020)part 1 was okay.but in the second part we discussed about sport.i dint hear a one quection i said a opposite idea about the quection 2times.and the third time when examiner asked the same quection i answered correctly.i am still in the exam centre waiting to do ielts this cause to reduce my marks alot.i am frustrated about it i want book Hello, can you please send me all academic books if you can please. Try to find new words and add them to your vocabulary. Hi, Can you please send me the books for IELTS general training. There are two tasks in the writing module and the Writing task one and the writing task two. The book contains more than 300 Solved Essays and Letters for IELTS General Training Exam which get repeated quite often. Plzz send them , could you please send all the e-books in PDF format , my email address is : [email protected] [email protected], I need all the books please. Makkar General Training Essays & Letters PDF is a must-have book for students targeting 7+ bands in IELTS GT exams. Hi, Can you please send me the books for Ielts general training. read more, IELTS Books Copyright © 2020 IELTS Game. This is only our guesswork, you can still be asked different questions in the real exam. Spread the love ACHIEVE 7+ BANDS IN THE IELTS EXAM WITH MAKKAR IELTS GENERAL TRAINING ESSAYS AND LETTERS This book is for those students who want to give General training exam. In this article, will focus on Writing section, particularly, task 2, which is the same for IELTS General and Academic module. In addition to this, this book also includes a full explanation to the general training essays and letters. – IELTS Game, Describe an ambition that you have for long time IELTS Cue Card, Describe a good decision you made recently IELTS cue card, Describe an old friend you got in contact with again IELTS cue card, Describe a country where you would like to work for a short time, Makkar IELTS Graphs pdf [Academic Writing Task 1], Makkar IELTS Academic Essays pdf [Academic Writing Task 2], Makkar IELTS Speaking Jan – Apr 2020 Final version pdf, IELTS General Training Essays and Letters 2019 PDF. Download this book, and you can use this book by your mobile because it is for cues only. Makkar books pdf series contains books that cover Reading, Writing, and Speaking IELTS exam modules. Find the Makkar IELTS Academic Essays PDF 2020 free download on our website. Hi , i need general training material and my email is [email protected], Hi I just need general training material ([email protected]), can you please send me ALL BOOKS OF GENERAL AND ACADEMIC IELTS MAKKAR TO Anam, Can anybody send me new cuecard pdf please? This book contains around 4000 Academic IELTS Writing task 2 essays with band 8 – 9 answers. [email protected], Please kindly send me IELTS makker IELTS books PDF file and essay books to my email id- [email protected] Thanks in advance, Please send me all of these book regarding general training on my mail Id [email protected] as soon as possible Some consider it a positive dvelopment, whereas others consider it negative. In this article, IELTS Game will provide you with these series, so you can download makkar books pdf free or buy it. Thank you!