I see lots of reviews regarding cast and crunch but if you scrunch it out or better yet diffuse, you are left with softly formed noodles. If you need more moisture, try a good leave-in underneath. Day 2 there's tons of frizz. The stickiness some people feel is from the starches, and it is what gives the hair light hold and definition. Smells amazing. Try recrunching it dry with you hand after its stiff and it goes away! The truth is that I have tried a lot of products over these past two years! I heard great things about this product, so when it went on sale I had to try it. My hair is soft and baby fine, so i really love the added texture. The product does not leave my hair crunchy or crisp. Participate in product testing surveys discussions etc. I only regret not trying it sooner. This product has many conditioning agents but no oils, so its exceptionally lightweight, yet moisturizing. Gels are incredible for curly hair because they have the ability of providing long lasting hold. It was too heavy for my hair and weighed it down. This co-wash by As I Am is loved by everyone from tight coilies to loose wavies. I have found these products to be extremely beneficial for my curly girl journey. I like deep conditioners that don’t weigh my hair down. If ur hair feels too wet..just squeeze a little more out in shower before applying but don't dry. My routine is wash, comb with a leave-in, this and then gel. I experiment a lot, trying to figure out what is the bare minimum i need for shiny, fluffy, defined curls - with my hair, I want it all, not just results that are "good enough." I struggled to find something great for my hair, then I got recommended this product and it changed the game for my hair. 5. This product leaves it crunchy, but when dry if I scrunch it a little the crunch goes away mostly. Probably better suited for those with thick hair. Do you find it works better with a diffuse or air dry. Previous 3 of 4 Next. Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine. My hair is mostly curly with an area that is wavy, but now it's curly!! I will return this. Good deep conditioners have the ability to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, adding a boost of moisture for the days to come. Curly Girl Methode – schon einmal davon gehört? 1. As others have stated, it did make my hair kinda stiff and sticky, I was able to brush it out after it dried, the waves stayed. They are designed to be left in the hair. Doesn't make your hair too crunchy, nice and light, but also provides good hold for curly hair. Reply. It also texturizes the hair and for me, the increase in volume is NOTICEABLE. I have 2c-3a baby fine hair, so its mostly wavy with some nice ringlets, not color treated, but i do have greys. The Giovanni Weightless Leave-in Conditioner is also very popular among fine haired curlies. It continues to be a favorite of mine. If you apply on soaking wet hair, you wont feel any stickiness when dry. I dare you to say that three times fast! I would 100% recommend this product . I was lucky enough to find budget friendly hair sprays in larger bottles that are fully Curly Girl friendly, and they work wonderfully! The only reason I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars is because of the size and price. Not much hold so I need to use gel on top of it but I highly recommend. My routine: That's my experience with my texture and dryness level. The product goes from a clearish white to white once warmed in your hands. They add a protective layer to curly hair styles. I have 2b-3a, very fine, medium-high porosity, bleached & color-treated, waves/curls and this stuff makes my hair look AMAZING. AG hair care products are used in thousands of salons around the world which helped to solidify their fan base. Recoil curl activator is made with AG’s unique Curl Creating Complex (C3): Magnesium sulfate – helps shrink the bonds in the hair, cultivating and defining each individual curl and wave. They can also be used for hydration. I don’t usually use both at once. I prefer to use them under a gel, as a replacement for a styling cream. My routine is: clarify, cowash, rake in both a light leave-in and this curl cream on soaking wet hair, scrunch out excess water, plop, scrunch/glaze gel, diffuse until 100% dry, then scrunch out the crunchiness. My hairdresser recommended Re:Coil and I couldn't be any more pleased with the results. Whether you ascribe to the Curly Girl Method, or some other variation of natural hair-ism, ... Get your BTMS fix with products like Curls Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner, and AG Recoil Curl Care Conditioner. I used this with AVC detangler spray and I'm getting 2c results! CurlScan is the first website to allow you to scan the barcode of a hair product to see if it is CGM approved. It actually coils my curls so I have found that the best way to make a light refresh work for me involves applying a small amount of product on dry hair with either dry or wet hands, depending on the weather. I really like this product! I see a lot of reviews saying this product leaves their hairs stiff. 4. Brands I used from the grocery store for half the price worked better. It is sticky when applying to my hair. Enter the name of the product. A good conditioning cleanser is a non-greasy conditioner that contains a mild surfactant in a small amount. I have gotten a lot of complements on how nice, and curly my hair looks. My frizz is cut down by 2/3. I recommend a clarify cleanser at least once a week while using this product to avoid any buildup. Previous 4 of 4 Next. Which helps to see how much product is on your hands. The Is It CG?&nb Jackie from Florida. The NYC Curls Cleanser has a similar effect and cleanses the scalp very well. It also smells like dog shampoo. I really do recommend this product. It felt my hair feeling gritty, frizzer than usual and weighted down. If you do, feel free to share with us in the comments section below! Innersense I Create Volume adds amazing shine with impeccable volume and frizz control. Rich in our exclusive Curl Creating Complex (C3), Re:coil separates and holds without stiffness or stickiness, even in high humidity. this product leaves my hair feeling stiff and you could never comb it out. This product definitely did what it claimed, I noticed it really molded and held my waves. Want to know if a product is Curly Girl Method approved? After choose how I want to part my hair I work on my roots to give more volume if need be with texture spray. Curly girl/guy perfect product. For me, i cant go without it! The product titles and pictures provide a link to purchase and read reviews. 5. They look super hydrated and happy with tons of definition. I of course can't find the YouTube video I watched on it before buying it, but the girl demonstrating it took like maybe 2 peas sized amount and put it in the palm of her hands and rubbed her hands together until it was a thick lather; this is what I do and it works really well otherwise I use too much and my hair gets a little greasy.