Many oil platforms also have facilities that accommodate their workforce. An offshore oil rig also called an offshore platform, is a large structure with infrastructural facilities for drilling wells to explore, extract, store and process petroleum lying in rock formations beneath the seabed. Their job can involve extensive travelling. The fourth level of this course is essential training for well-site supervisory roles. It sheds light on the skills required to develop actions that are to be taken by an individual when he/she steps out of the operating ground. } Next comes personal safety and social responsibility, this module covers basic safety measures and accident prevention to get the individual acclimatized to working conditions on the rig. body .nf-popup-121085 .mfp-close{ Many educational establishments throughout the nation offer these, especially those based in nautical towns and cities. From spending weeks to perform simple tasks, to getting them done in a single click: No, this is not science fiction. } Now participate in a live online course for a, Download Classroom Training Calendar 2020, Download Classroom Training Calendar 2021, Download Live Online Training Calendar 2020, Download Live Online Training Calendar 2021, Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, LPG Terminal Design and Plant Operations Safety, Petroleum Engineering Principles, Calculations and Workflows, complete knowledge and information about all activities involved in, the required experience and confidence to handle emergency situations and take correct timely decisions to prevent damage of any kind, the necessary understanding and knowledge of all required standards and benchmarks of operation for quality and safety while drilling offshore, the confidence and knowledge to conduct training for other professionals working or aiming to work on oil rigs, the ability to introduce smart and advanced techniques and concepts, including technology, to make work easier, faster, simpler and more accurate, the potential and capability to make operational enhancements and changes in other strategic plans for one’s organisation to increase credibility and attract investors, the ability to contribute to organisational growth and development through various avenues, the potential and knowledge to ensure employee health and safety, thereby contributing to effective employer branding for one’s organisation, the complete skill set and capabilities to undertake critical and complex roles and responsibilities at offshore oil rigs, thereby providing one with opportunities for career growth and progression, Efficient offshore operations because of trained and experienced professionals overseeing functions, Regular maintenance of offshore oil rig infrastructure to prevent early damage or wear and tear, Frequent training and upskilling of existing staff on advanced practices of offshore operations, Application of modern technology to speed up the exploration and production process, Adherence to all required standards of operation and safety during activities at the offshore oil rigs, Reduced costs, regular maintenance, modern technology etc., contributing to organisational growth and development, Closest prediction of possible risks and their effective management and prevention, Better employer branding because of high levels of worker health and safety, Competitive advantage because of trained professionals enhancing various aspects of operation to keep up with the market and changing consumer requirements, Complete knowledge and experience of offshore oil rig operations in, Greater experience and confidence to handle risks and emergency situations on offshore rigs, taking timely and accurate decisions to prevent damage, Increased potential and ability to successfully undertake higher roles and responsibilities related to overseeing end-to-end operations at offshore oil rigs, Better attention to detail and knowledge to review processes, systems, equipment, etc. In addition to keeping you updated about the latest jobs and trends in the industry we also have a career help section to entertain any oil and gas related queries! opacity: 0; Moving on to the Level 2 course which is a paid course, it covers, the theory, practice, and equipment involved in well control. You can participate in our training sessions with the safety & comfort of your own home or office. var nf_popups_121085_cookie= ''; It primarily focuses on operational decision making and designing of the drilling well. background-color: #000000; Although offshore drilling is extremely important, it poses several environmental challenges. All the offshore oil rig workers are required to complete this 3-day basic offshore safety induction and emergency training. Their job can involve extensive travelling. After that, the professionals are supposed to take a one-day revision course for the same, failing to do so can result in license expiration and the worker will be required to complete the program from scratch. }, To obtain an STCW certification you need to you’ll need to meet the minimum requirements such as age, sea-service, training, and onboard assessment. NF_Popup_Cookies.check_popup_cookie_validity( nf_popups_121085_cookie ); Scotland, in particular, has a thriving interest in offshore oil rig work – consider signing up for a course at the City of Glasgow College if you’re interested in furthering your education in this sector, or a course at the Aberdeen Drilling Schoolfor spec… } */ This unique model of training is used by Zoe Talent Solutions for all its courses and is called the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model. However, the pace of digital disruption in oil and gas industry has been noticeably slow. type: 'inline' padding: px;