Protein sensitive hair . Frizzy hair is often an indication of your hair lacking moisture. Here are the best protein treatments for hair according to professional stylists and hair gurus. Hair breakage can be caused by combing, brushing, tight ponytails or braids, improper use of chemicals, nutrient deficiencies, waiting too long trim your hair, wearing heavy extensions, hair … You can tell if your curls need more protein … Protein sensitive hair tends to become brittle and straw like (like you just got an electric shock) with just one use of hydrolysed proteins (not egg , yoghurt etc). In order to have balanced curls, you need to figure out the right amount of protein your curls need. Since your hair already is strong and thick you should avoid proteins, as too much protein will make … Protein treatments can be used to maintain healthy hair and as a temporary filler to fill in cracks along the hair shaft. However, we often forget that our hair is literally made up of protein which is the one responsible for our hair… Also your porosity; low porosity hair cannot use too much protein… Coarse hair. Treating your hair to a little protein can help fortify and strengthen dry, damaged strands. That usually happens due to the protein type, concentration etc. That is why the famous curly girl method teaches curlies the importance of moisturizing and hydrating the hair. If you take a look at a single hair it’s very thick and seems to be a bit stiff. For those with curly hair, finding the right balance to keep your curls hydrated and healthy can be a challenge.