Looking to work in the field? We are proud holders of the certificate at QZ and we enjoyed the course very much. IBM) companies to the newest quantum start-ups (Xanadu) and spin outs from Universities and Research Institutions. Find out which companies are doing in which regions now with our interactive map, which shows over 130 companies involved in Quantum Computing. Looking at a career in Quantum Computing then please look at our latest Quantum Computing Jobs. Quantum computing is an endeavor that’s been promised to upend everything from security, to drug development, to machine learning. The Quantum Internet and Quantum Computers: How Will They Change the World? Indeed, you don't need to be an expert in any field to take this course, everything that is presented in this course is done very simply to help you understand from scratch everything you need to know about this topic. You can audit the course for FREE of course or pay to get a certificate (which is typically less than 50$). A great course for those who are new to Quantum Computing and the Quantum Internet. There is a lot more content planned specifically to Algorithms and Quantum Circuits, so this could be a very direct way into the field, providing you everything you need to program your first Quantum Computer. Interactive Quantum Computing Company Map, Advertise a Quantum Computing Job or Vacancy, Free resources for learning about Quantum Computing, The lazy guide to understanding Quantum Computing, Interactive Map of Quantum Computing Companies from around the Globe. It’s a great course that introduces you to the world of Quantum Computing and Quantum Learning, but also to Machine Learning. This is really for advanced learners who have a good grasp of maths and less required is the physics. This course is created for beginners who have no prior knowledge of what is quantum computing and are interested by the topic. Want to learn more about the fundamentals of Quantum Computing but do not know where to start? What can we say, other than good things, it covers the fundamentals of the Qubit, how Quantum Hardware works and how the Quantum Internet could be a game-changer (something they pioneer at Deflt). Keep up to date with the latest innovations and developments in the Quantum Computing Space. ➡ SIGN UP HERE Hardware of a Quantum Computer. With so much hype, it’s easy to get lost marveling at the possibilities, without grasping what quantum computing actually is. The course from TU-Deflt, one of the leaders in the Quantum Computing world. You can start learning for FREE and if you enjoy it, get a subscription. Direct and to the point. . ➡ SIGN UP HERE QUANTUM COMPUTING FUNDAMENTALS. If you want to understand more in detail about how Qubits are created from Ions, semiconductors or photonics then this course provides you some knowledge and insight. Taught by Delft University of Technology and some of the world’s leading Quantum scientists your learning is in safe hands. Get the latest developments in Quantum Computing Direct to your email box. Find out with our latest interactive map of Quantum Companies Interactive Map, ⚛ View a list of over a Hundred Quantum Computing Companies. If you have not already got an account and subscription, please do consider signing up as there are more reasons to now with courses in quantum computing which introduce the fundamentals of gate based quantum computers. We provide summaries of Quantum Computing Companies from around the globe. Learn online with Brilliant the fundamentals of Quantum Computing and enhance your understanding of this nascent industry. The exact policies will depend on the course and platform. But for the courses outlined with EdX you can sign up and access the material for FREE. Track companies in this new field of Quantum Computing with our Interactive Google Maps of over 130 companies around the planet. The Introduction to Quantum Computing: Saint Petersburg State UniversityProgramming a Quantum Computer with Qiskit: Coursera Project NetworkQuantum Computing. In summary, here are 10 of our most popular quantum computing courses. Paid Quantum Computing Courses QUANTUM COMPUTING FUNDAMENTALS from EdX and MIT. The course from Brilliant is one of the most well put together interactive courses we have seen. Ploughing through a textbook is never fun at the best of times. You can pursue the course for FREE, or upgrade and get a certificate for just 79$. Even if you have some understanding of Quantum principles this course is well worth pursuing to brush up on your Quantum skills. Or whether you need to find a qualified quantum computing researcher or developer, then you can post a quantum job description with Quantum Zeitgeist and all for FREE whether you are a company, start-up or job seeker. Keep up with the latest Quantum Developments from Rigetti, IBM, Microsoft and Google in addition to smaller Quantum Players. Profiles of 134 Quantum Computing Companies from around the globe. New appointments at Irish Centre for High-End Computing, Hon Hai focusing on 5G patents, 6G chip research, Russia sets up lab to create quantum computer, Bingecast: Enrique Blair on Quantum Computing, Quantum Experiment Indicates That Objective Reality Doesn’t Exist, Quantum algorithms are coming to finance, slowly, The Underrated Development of Quantum Computers, China has a new 71 site Bose–Hubbard quantum simulator for quantum electrodynamics research, M Squared Receives Financing to Accelerate Growth and Advance Quantum Technologies, 130 companies involved in Quantum Computing.