I also appreciate that they use minimal salt and that they have no additives or preservatives. They add “an irresistible pop of sweetness” and great color if you use a mix of red and yellow. Garnish with extra fresh basil ribbons and/or parsley and serve warm along with toasted bread. When fresh tomatoes aren’t in season, turn to canned as a healthy alternative. Canned tomatoes add pungency and brightness to this, And they add color and flavor to this ultra-healthy. She also describes it as a “one of those magical dishes that becomes more than the sum of its parts.” All kinds of tomatoes are used in panzanella, but Berens likes using cherry tomatoes in this version, because their shape contrasts with the torn bread and small kernels of corn. Add garlic, oregano and thyme and continue cooking until fragrant. While still over medium heat add in white wine, bring to a simmer until reduced by half (about 3 minutes). Sun-warmed tomatoes, dripping with juice, plucked straight off the vine are the stuff dreams are made of. Hardboiled eggs add protein and make the salad more substantial, while the Dilly Ranch Dressing is “a step up from standard mayo.” Cherry tomatoes are the most important ingredient, insists Buck, because they add “freshness, acidity and sweetness.” Her favorites are fresh, local and from the farmers’ market in summer, but with sweet, tender cherry tomatoes available year round, you can enjoy this salad whenever you like. The first quick and easy hack we have for you is this bright and garlicky bruschetta made with Mutti Cherry Tomatoes. Add onion and sauté until translucent, 3 minutes. Kristen Buck, author of "Buck Naked Kitchen: Radiant and Nourishing Recipes to Fuel Your Health Journey," calls this salad a “lightened up, veggie forward” take on a classic BLT sandwich. Check out our guide to the 7 types of canned tomatoes and how to use them!). Halibut (or white firm fish), cut into 1” pieces, Fresh basil leaves, julienned (more for serving), Mutti cherry tomatoes, drained (do not rinse), An easy cassoulet made with white beans, chicken sausage, fresh basil and, A version of cioppino that comes together fast using. Sprinkle with parsley serve immediately along with crusty bread. Simmer for 10 minutes. Whether it’s the dead of winter or the peak of summer, cherry tomatoes should always be on your shopping list. Bursting with jammy cherry tomatoes that make their own sauce, this rice noodle–and–chili oil riff on the classic Italian pasta takes just 20 minutes to throw together. “Shrimp scampi may seem like a fancy, restaurant-only dish,” but it’s surprisingly simple to make at home,” insists Just a Taste blogger Kelly Senyei. “Cherry tomatoes carry a powerful punch of concentrated tomato flavor” and pair perfectly with chicken, Italian seasonings and mozzarella, explains Garza. (Wondering about all the different kinds of canned tomatoes you can buy? Check Out My Cherry Tomato Sauce Recipe on YouTube! For this process, we're using our Better Homes & Gardens pickled pear tomato recipe, by swapping in cherry tomatoes for the pear tomatoes. We used to think there was no replacement for fresh cherry tomatoes, but then we discovered Mutti, a canned variety that puts them in a tomato category of their own. Allow to sit for at least an hour before serving to let the flavors develop. Discover how to make these tiny but tasty tomatoes shine with recipes from chefs and food pros. Open your can of Mutti Whole Peeled Tomatoes, and use your hands to squeeze the tomatoes until they’re crushed, then add them to pot. —Sally Sibley, St. Augustine, Florida This recipe evolved from a need to use the bumper crops of delicious cherry tomatoes we grow. About 10-15 minutes. This way I can season my dish to taste and let the tomato’s incredible freshness and good taste can shine through! Add white wine and clam juice and bring to a simmer until cioppino broth begins to thicken. NBC News BETTER is obsessed with finding easier, healthier and smarter ways to live. Uncover and check for doneness. “Cherry tomatoes are one of the only kinds of tomatoes I'll use all year round,” adds De Laurentiis. “Plus, they don’t juice as much as large globe tomatoes, so you can control the texture of the salad longer.” And, perhaps best of all, the combination of cherry tomatoes and frozen corn makes this a year-round dish. Though often enjoyed raw in salads or on veggie platters, cherry tomatoes are as versatile as their big brothers and can be used in pasta, pizza, sauces and more. Using your hands, squeeze the tomatoes until crushed and add to pot. Panzanella, at its most fundamental, is a bread salad,” explains Abra Berens, author of "Ruffage: A Practical Guide to Vegetables". I have seen some great cherry mixed tomatoes available in supermarkets if you don't have access to fresh tomatoes. Add red pepper flakes, tomato paste, salt and pepper and stir until incorporated.