What are the Different Types of Crystals? This illustrates that the particle, let’s say an electron, does not go through either one slit or the other, but rather it goes through both! Quantum physics suggests that Usain Bolt weighs more on the track than on the scale. Learn more about the fascinating and interesting side of quantum physics here in this gallery! Quantum physics says that light energy is quantised. They are made up of non-stuff. Reality broke a little. and the energy of a photon is proportional to the frequency of the light. Imagine an empty space. Some of the theories of quantum physics seem impossible. According to the theory of relativity and Einstein’s famous equation e=mc^2, mass and energy are the same thing and interchangeable. However, quantum entanglement suggests that tiny particles interact with each other at a rate faster than the speed of light, such that they are cannot be described independently of each other. Albert Einstein thought this very strange and referred to it as “spooky action at a distance.”. Here are 10 reasons why. 4 Crazy and Fun Facts About Quantum Physics. The word "quantum" means "the tiniest possible unit of a physical entity". If you are taking physics tuition and have been paying attention in class, you’ll probably have come across it several times. Below are four of the craziest and fun facts about quantum physics. It says that once two particles can be linked in some way, they will always be bonded together beyond space and time. Schrodinger’s cat is a famous thought experiment illustrating the seemingly paradoxical nature of quantum theory and how observation makes such a difference, almost forcing the universe to choose a particular path. Our fluctuating states of mind, conscious or unconscious, change this pattern on a moment-to-moment basis because we are not just a physical body; we are consciousness using a body and a brain to express different levels of mind. Within the brain, there are specific tissues responsible for keeping the heart beating, which are made up of cells. Atoms are made up of subatomic particles and subatomic particles are primarily composed of energy. We know that the fastest moving entity is light. This gives so much power to the act of conscious observation and this may either be a profound fact about reality or a confusion of some sort on our part. Power consumption is the critical factor of any device running on electricity. So the particle is in a very real sense in more than one place at a time. In this a cat is put in a box and sealed in, with some radioactive matter that has a 50/50% chance of decaying and if it does it releases some poison to kill the cat. What Is an Atomic Clock? And Why Is It Important. Amazing Inventions Inspired by Animals and Plants. So quite literally, what we do unto others, we do unto ourselves. A team of physicists designed a quantum experiment that showed that facts … It is the most rigorously tested theory in all of science. Many other theories, such as wormholes, have come up to explain entanglement. This event would see the sun give off infinite amounts of energy at high frequencies of light, popping our eyeballs and chucking globs of flaming plasma at Uranus. Virtual Particles: Some tiny things pop in and out of existence randomly. Rather it is hot because of its immense weight. The final fun fact, but certainly not the least, is the theory of quantum entanglement. But what makes the sun hot? The word "quantum" means "the tiniest possible unit of a physical entity". Quantum physics says it’s not empty.