Possible applications/benefits. Pattern Matching When you are able to find data patterns, and based on the same, are able to predict future data patterns, you are actually able to implement its usage in the practical terms. As the anticipated benefits of quantum computing and technology become much more widely discussed, increased adoption will occur. Traditional computing solves this scenario to some extent, but with quantum computing, this problem can be solved to a much greater extent, leading to economic benefits eventually. "For example, it can help us solve physics problems where quantum mechanics and the interrelation of materials or properties are important. Quantum computing could– Speed up the development of drugs; improve chemical industry manufacturing; desalinate seawater; and even suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to curb climate change. Disadvantages of Quantum Computing: The main disadvantage of computing is the technology required to implement a quantum computer is not available at present. The reason for this is the consistent electron is damaged as soon as it is affected by its environment and that electron is very much essential for the functioning of quantum computers. Some problems with quantum computing are: Interference - the slightest disturbance in a quantum system can cause a quantum computation to collapse, a process known as de-coherence. Benefits of Integrating Quantum Computing With AI for Data Science. The benefits of quantum computing are promising, but there are huge obstacles to overcome still. Oliver thinks the benefits of quantum computing are more than just supremacy over classical computers. Using quantum processors cooled to 20 millikelvin (close to absolute zero), NASA engineers plan to use quantum computing to solve highly complex optimization problems involving billions of pieces of data. A quantum computer must be totally isolated from all external interference during the computation phase. It is highly likely we will shortly see a quantum computing use case book similar to “The Big Book of Data Science Use Cases” that was … "Quantum computing will have a revolutionary impact on our understanding of quantum systems and will be good at solving intrinsically quantum problems," says Potter. Result in the invention of room temperature superconductors that would be impervious to power drain during electrical transmission. The actual applications for quantum computing and technology continues to develop as the technology moves ahead.