Mushrooms. 1 c tomato sauce; 6 oz fresh mozzarella; 10 fresh basil leaves, sliced; 2 T olive oil drizzled over the top ; Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza. Sharp cheddar cheese can make a good topping for a vegetarian pizza. Mushrooms are a classic pizza topping favourite for all types of diets and can be a fantastic substitute for meat. 1-1½ c tomato sauce; 1-2 c mild cheese (mozzarella, edam, ricotta) Vegetarian meat substitutes may also be used on a veggie pizza. These pizza toppings are dairy-free and don’t contain any meat or animal products and can appeal to meat-eaters, vegans and vegetarians alike at your next pizza party! Vegan turkey and tofu can be used as a vegetarian protein on pizza. Traditional ingredients such as ham, pepperoni, bacon, hamburger, and sausage can all be replaced with vegan versions of the same products. Pizza toppings are normally placed upon a pizza in a specific order, not because it is tidy but because the pizza sauce keeps the pizza dough moist, the cheese then provides a bed for the toppings to rest on and they do not dry out or fall off as the pizza slice is held.More cheese is added to keep the dough moist and the garnish is not cooked so it is applied last after baking. Whether dining at a vegetarian restaurant or a typical … Pesto Pizza (click for recipe) Pissaladière (French onion pizza) Typical Vegetarian Pizza (mushrooms, bell peppers, olives) Pizza Margherita. 1.