corn silk, to the surface. Hydraulic power pack (pump and reservoir system) required / not included, (2) Top IR lasers and (3) Top viewing camera, Containers: 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz (70 mm neck opening), Estimated Rate of Production: 45-55 containers per minute @ 16 oz, 1st Shell FMC Pressure Cooker: 3,024 can capacity, Set: 300 x 407, serial # 364231499, PSI 33 #, NB # 3093, 2nd Shell FMC Pressure Cooker: 2,856 can capacity, Set: 300 x 407, serial # 3635-33-47, NB # 11, 3rd Shell FMC Pressure Cooler: 798 can capacity, Set: 300 x 407, serial # 3635-34-47, NB # 12, 4th Shell FMC Atmospheric Cooler: 2,226 can capacity, Set: 300 x 407, serial: 3442-130-84, Arrowhead Systems Stainless Steel Lowerator, 156" intake height and a 36" discharge height, Gripper chains are driven by duel 1.5 hp 1755 rpm motors - reduced to 175 rpm, Requires 230/460 vac 3 phase electrical supply, Louvered Screens On Outer Drum 60" Dia. Dimpled (non-stick) stainless steel in-feed and discharge chutes. Learn more Free delivery. middle deck and 3/8-in. 3556, 1913, 38'L X 60" Dia. Previously used in sanitary/food processing plant for washing vegetables. round holes. Manufacturer: Aweta. Gasketed PVC control box with on / off buttons and variable speed control  adjustable for up to 45 feet per minute. To improve your user experience, we use cookies. with 45 minute cook time, With double indexer, cup feeder, lid denester, tamper evident, Sealer with Allen Bradley Logix 5561 PLC controls, Kinetics 6000 Servo drives, Powerflex 40 VFD's #4, operated up to 390 CPM- 4oz., 4.5oz., 6oz., Plate diameter 75mm, Equipped with power brush, adjustable diversion gates, and level controls. An volt 3 phase electrical input (unless otherwise specified). Capacity approximately 100 husked ears per minute depending on operator, Dimensions 62" long X 44" wide X 55" Heigh, Utility Requirements 230 Volt Single Phase, 1-2 gal. Learn more AppleCare Free delivery Buy online and get fast, free, no-contact delivery. The kernels fall through an opening in the bottom of the cutting chamber and the cobs are ejected out the side into a tote. water per minute, Stainless steel construction except for cutting head and drive assembly. Sorter is capable of sorting 4-8 Tons of product per hour depending on consistency of infeed and grade of product. 4056, 8473, 21'L X 60" Dia. Corn kernels are de-watered and screened on the vibratory discharge shaker and discharged separately from the trash. Pressure Cooker Shell 1: NB 2842, SN: 3656-344-90, Duel Infeed High Speed Paddle Valves, 38'L X 60" Dia., Can Cap. All food grade stainless steel construction, 15 foot long by 4 foot wide plastic interlocking chain type belt, with small (approximately 1/4 inch) openings which could allow water to pass through, The belt runs beyond and between 7 inch high stainless steel conveyor sides, topped with UHMW plastic strips, Heavy duty stainless steel tubular frame set for a 32 inch working height as configured, Air spray cleaning header on discharge, under the belt, 1 HP 230/460 volt 3 phase stainless steel shrouded motor, with gear reducer drive, Unit will be fully serviced at the time of order and supplied in very good mechanical and cosmetic condition, Was previously used for unloading green beans from large bins, .5HP 208/230V 3 phase stainless steel motor, Fresh curt cob line capacity estimated @ 2-3 tons per hour depending on feed rate and quality of product, Line consisting of the following equipment, Hughes product conveyor 20' L x 18" W, stainless steel construction, Hughes cob feed shaker orienter to fresh market husker 10' L X 20" W, 32 gallon plastic perforated removable basket. Ideal as a trim line for fruit and vegetable inspection, trimming, coring, sorting, and rework. All drives are 208/230/460 volt, with 460 volt 3 phase electrical input to the control panel. 6 basket capacity (5 Baskets while gentled motion is being used) . A wide variety of apple sorting machine options are available to you, 13', Cone Bottom with 4" Center Discharge, Dome Top with Manway Style Entrance, Center Prop Agitation with Baffle, SN: 6282, Cap. @ 325 F, Serial # 1110117AX4, Year 2011, NAB # 156, MAWP 75 psi. About used Apple & Fruit sorting machines. 53" W x 74" L. Configured for bins up to 45" wide by 48" long up to System rated Systems includes touch screen operator control panel. Pressure Cooker Shell 1: NB 2845, SN: 3656-341-90, Duel Infeed High Speed Paddle Valves, 38'L X 60" Dia., Can Cap. 3807, 1282. deep. Service and support for your refurbished Apple products. About 22% of these are Fruit &Vegetable Grading machine, 4% are Fruit & Vegetable washing machine, and 1% are Other Farm Machines. ALARD EQUIPMENT CORPORATION 6483 Lake Avenue, Williamson, NY 14589 U.S.A. Sorter is fed via a vibratory feed shaker. Please let us know how we can help. TRESCOTT (50 BU/HR) APPLE SORTER FOR SALE Works well. X 20"L, Includes Receiving Hopper, 5 HP Motor, Valve Newly Rebuilt from Marchant Schmidt, Never Used Still On Pallet, Newly Rebuilt from Marchant Schmidt, Never Used, Still On Pallet, Newly Rebuilt From Marchant Schmidt, Never Used Still On Pallet, Newly Rebuilt from Marchant Schmidt, Never Used Still On Pallet, (2) Lot (2) 3" Floserve Pneumatically Controlled 3" Steam Valve, MN: Flowtop, White Rubber Belt 13'L X 26"W X 72" Discharge Height, Stainless Steel Backsplash Inspection Conveyor 28"W X 8'L, Stainless Steel Inspection Conveyor 28"W X 8'L, 55 Gallon barrel Unloading System with Two 3" Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pumps, Pneumatically Operated Boom For Ingredient Pickup, Standard Pressure Cooker Serial # 3642315-99 Nab # 3108, Reverse Pressure Cooker Serial # 3642315-99 Nab # 3107, Standard Pressure Cooler Serial # 3642317-99 Nab # 3113, Reverse Pressure Cooler Serial # 3642318-99 Nab # 3111, Standard Atmospheric Cooler Serial # 3442-15217, Can Capacity 3612, (Replaced With New Shell and Spiral January 2018). 38" pivot point, and 40" dump height. Built by Commercial Manufacturing and Supply Co. Used for fresh-pack, frozen, and prepared food markets, fruit processing machines vary according to the type of fruit they process. Regal Equipment offers a range of used and reconditioned fruit processing and packaging equipment that caters to fruit processing and packaging companies’ needs. increase buoyancy and float trash, such as hollow or broken kernels and Grading machines for flower bulbs and Brussels sprouts, Sorting machines for flower bulbs and Brussels sprouts, Drum / barrel washing machines for vegetables. The sorter is equipped with air rejection that will reject the rejected material into a waste stream to be disposed of or later resorted. 4056, 8503? @ 325 F, Serial # 140129AX, Year 2014. 3/60/230/460 Volt, 1160 rpm motor, w/ Stearns brake, Mounted on a stainless steel frame with casters, Motor: 40HP, 3Ph, 60Hz, 1765 RPM, 230/460 volts, Features single 18" Stainless Steel screw tapering into 60" L screening area with heavy duty frame encasing fine screen, Mounted on twin I beams 17'6" L (overall) x 46" W x 54" H, Top mounted plate on gear reducer accepts 60 HP, 364 T frame at 1165 RPM, 20" x 36" rectangular flanged In-feed hopper, Screen area features (4) full length spray pipes equally spaced for washing from single inlet manifold, Includes 15" wide X 13' long cleated elevated belt infeed conveyor with a 36" x 36" 26" In-feed hopper at the base, Includes 12" diameter x 9' long stainless steel screw/auger complete with expansion tank for steam discharge, 1-3/4" diameter piston with approximate 9" stroke, Waukesha straight sided valves with 5/8" X 1" ports, Equipped with white plastic interlox style belt, Mueller plate chiller, condenser, and controls for chill water supply, Unit designed to maintain 33˚F process water, Copeland Discus freon compressor included, Re-circulation pump and recovery tank included, Interlox belt with Garoutte Freon stainless steel plate chiller, Feed Pan Dimensions:: 5' 6" L X 9" W x 5" Deep, Automatically Slices Pickles Lengthwise Into Halves, Quarters, 5th and/or 6th Cut Depending on Desired Head, High-Speed Self-Adjusting Rubber Centering Rollers, Stainless Steel Equipped with Hydraulic Power Pack, Last ran 8oz, 12oz, & 16oz plastic bottles, Two paddles with 5/8" backing screen & .023 primary screen, 3 HP, 230/460V, 1750 RPM, 3 PH, 60 Hz 8.2/4.1 amp Baldor motor, 1/3 HP, 230/460V, 1725 RPM, 3 PH, 60 Hz, 1/.5 amp duty master motor, Equipped with 1 1/2 HP motor & Ajax shaker, Baldor 3PH, 3HP, 1725RPM, 60Hz, 230/460V, 8.6/4.3 amp motor, 24" W x  42" L x 18" deep stainless steel vortex, Equipped with 5 HP, 230 V, 60 Hz, 3Ph, 1740 RPM, 13.4/6.7 amp motor, Equipped with Crane Deming Food Pump: 6-1/2" Inlet & Outlet, Includes Lincoln Electric 20 HP, 230/460 V, 1760 RPM, 60 Hz, 54/27 amp, 3 PH motor, Overall Dimensions: 84" W x 168" L x 96" H; Interior Dimensions: 48" W x 140" L x 47" H, (1) Screen Measuring: 48" W x 27-1/2" L; (2) Screens Measuring: 48" W x 28-1/2" L. Includes (6) Rows of Overhead Spray Nozzles, totaling (32) Overhead Spray Nozzles; Equipped with: RETURN RESERVOIR -- 6 1/2" Inlet & Outlet, Contains (3) Stainless Steel Screens at top of machine measuring 27 1/2" in the Middle section and 29 1/2" on both the Left and Right sections, Equipped with General Electric 2 HP, 3 Ph, 6.0/3.0 amp, 60Hz, 230/460V motor, Atmospheric cooler with 2,604 can capacity shell, 3 Position Selector Switches for Slice Thickness, Equipped with (1) SM-CYCLO 2HP, 1740 RPM, 60 Hz, 6 amp motor & (1) SM-CYCLO 1/4HP, 230 V, 60 Hz, 1730 RPM, 1.1 amp motor, 1 - Recirculated Detergent Section,with (5) Spray Rings, 2 - Recirculated Rinse Section with (1) Spray Ring, 3 - Final Rinse Section with (1) Spray Ring; Equipped with 230/460 V, 3525 RPM, 60 Hz, 1.15 amp motor, Used